Snowdon Mega Casino

To be opening autumn 2023 in full glory. Neon encapsulated onto the topmost peak in England and Wales. Macroscale; the consummate casino to be constructed Globally this Millenia is set to annex the mount. At the height of in excess of 1000 metres above sea level you will be able to place bets of up to a Million Pounds Sterling in addition to other currencies including the US Dollar. Heliport landing facilities and limo to train transport requisites. 5* luxury hotel accommodation, spa facilities and weather shelter options for those of you who may desire an open air stroll!

Fake News

An unsurpassed disaster for us nature lovers, walkers, hikers, environmentalists, sports men and women and all varieties of canines. Nature’s skyrocket transformed from natural allure into a neon clad, gamble obsessed mecca of mayhem. Badger dens replaced with ones of iniquity in a prompt infiltration by the all encompassing entertainment industry. Walkers reaching the apex are replaced by Oligarch’s landing in their money laundering playground. Champaign laden flute glasses taking over from Hexi burners making tea. Artists painting the landscape knocked aside by spa goers ‘Getting their nails done’. 

Then, next, building expansion plans, permission given for a lap dancing bar to be built. A venue for stag nights, a high altitude party peak. Music festivals held in the summer months, CreamFields moving Westwards to Snowdonia?

Can this be endorsed, does the Nation need to say ‘No Neon on Snowdon’. Should any new holdings be constructed in an environmentally sustainable way and cater for outdoor pursuits activities. Accommodation for hikers and school groups from densely populated urban communities. The heliport for mountain rescue landings and the health facilities at the spa for first aid and any necessary emergency relief. Expansion plans for a centre of research into natural habitat monitoring the furry mammals of the mount.

Should we be preserving the natural habitat and the mount as the attraction but ensuring it is more accessible. Improved transport access and upgraded walkway systems. Parallels can be drawn with Tianmen Mountain in China. The 999 steps of the Stairway to Heaven allows mass visitors, there is also an escalator option at a small cost. Road systems for parking higher up, allowing a minimal climb for walkers. Full disabled access with concrete, level, easy to navigate walkways shrouding the mountainside. Should the mount remain as nature intended with minimal disruption to the wilderness. Would facilities for the disabled be geared toward those who desire a physical challenge. All terrain wheelchair hire at the start of the ascent with emergency call buttons on route. Could those less physically able be catered for by the mountain train which is already in place. Then accommodated by a 1 mile route encircling the summit. Although bark chippings are the most environmentally sustainable way of creating a pathway, perhaps we could use concrete, or preferably hempcrete, to create an even walkway where the wheelchair bound can move freely and with ease. Would this create greater access to the mountain. Elderly people, wheelchair users and mothers with prams are able to enjoy a stroll with magnificent views across Wales and the North-West. 

Would the Americans ever have given the go ahead for Vagas to be built on the site of the Grand Canyon?

Jobs which could be created from a Mega-Casino, Spa and Lap dancing establishment not to be disregarded. These could easily be matched by the employment opportunities created from an outdoor pursuits centre, hiking facilities and eco tourism. Lap dancing replaced by laptop and device charging facilities. In Liverpool a suggestion for Godison is to create an entertainment complex of this nature when Everton FC move to Bramley Moore dock. Is this a more fitting location for a development of this nature and not an environmental heaven of National Importance.

Summertime mountain festivals should be of the walking variety, not a new location for Creamfields. A performance by the Foo Fighters at high altitude, would Katherine Jenkins, the voice of an angel not be more befitting. A televised performance with tickets raising money for charities and celebrating local heroes. 

We must stand firm and keep our largest peak natural and not fall to neon with wealth to fetter away in addition to the mountain’s biosystems. Celebrate Snowdon as nature intended, supplemented by complementary facilities. Challenge those with disabilities and provide greater access to nature for all.

Preserve Mount Snowdon, a credulous treasure.


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