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10 Easy ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint

So, now, we’re all supposed to bin our cars, freezers, become vegan, stop drinking softies from plastic bottles and never holiday abroad to save the planet!

But is this realistic?

10 Easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint with having to become the Patron Saint of Eco-Warriorhood.

  1. If you are cooking in a small pot use the smallest ring on the hob. Using a larger gas ring simply mean most of the fuel is wasted and the food doesn’t actually heat any faster. Easy and instant, no effort required.
  2. When you rip a label of a tin can, add that to the recycling in addition to the main item. It doesn’t look like much but it is silly to send to landfill when it can be re-consumed.
  3. If you are getting taking out and there is a choice a plastic bottled drink or a paper cup option, take the paper choice. Even if there isn’t a recycling point and you have to throw it in a standard bin it will decompose in under 4 weeks in landfill. Subway are great for this option, as are many other sandwich bars and food retailers.
  4. So it’s no more burgers because of the methane cows produce, space taking to farm and the food chain process. But you like the odd burger, and your 3 sons love burgers and you really don’t want to give them up? Do it the best way possible, if you have burgers twice a week, reduce to once. Buy, fresh, consume that day instead of freezing. Choose a source which is farmed near you to reduce carbon in transportation. If possible make a trip to a local butchers or independent trader as their will be other environmental benefits of using local business.

Burgers back on the menu!

  1. Introduce a meat free main meal to your weekly eating plans. Try new dishes and foods which you may have previously avoided. Lavish veggie curries, vast seed selections, the charm of rich cheeses and nuts of notability. Make the veggie day the one where you enjoy following new recipes and pull out all culinary the stop.
  2. Have a freezer free day, preferable directly after a big supermarket shop. Try to buy fresh vegetable and make roast potato from scratch. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a bag of sweetcorn or pea’s in your freezer, just be less relent on the ice box and reduce it’s usage.
  3. If you are planning a trip into town with the kids, or an adult meal in a county pub at the weekend, consider walking as part of the activity. Is there a good canal or river route, are there view across the region worth taking in?Consider cycling to work once a month, it may be too far to do daily, but it could be worked into a four-weekly routine? Could you walk or cycle shorter journeys and when you take off parking time does it take much longer?
  4. Plan holidays in the UK on a yearly basis, then only look at flights to exotic destinations on special anniversaries. Camping is a great holiday with environmental credentials, reduction of energy consumption and taking full advantage of the great outdoors.
  5. Give and buy clothes to and from charity shops. Okay, we are not talking underwear or swimwear, if your still unsure about the pre-worn try bags and outer coats first. This is a great, green incentive, no need to recycle the fabric every-thing is re-used directly.
  6. One final Woof, value the dog! What man’ best friend does is provides us with constant opportunities for long energy use free walks, the eager consumption of any table scraps in addition to hours of carbon free entertainment.

Implement Immediately!

Then expand with the area’s that work with your lifestyle. Enjoying the veggie cooking and exploring new plant life? Add a second night. Bike action got you going? Cycle to work once a week instead of monthly.

Small steps making a big difference!


The Longhua Revolutionary


The Longhua Revolutionary

He lies half dead
Within the ground
Module like in form
Head flat down
Neck arched, descending
Arm held up
An arising
Hand poised tray like
Vaulted, an offering
Progress, moving forward
Knee rising from the ground
Ready to stand up
Enabling control

Ahead, forefront
Central winding platform
Offerings laid
Gestures of remembrance
Bronze plates engraved
Names of the fallen
The communist struggle

Empty wheelchair pushed
Disabled by conflict
Human loss and sacrifice
Those no longer present

Foliage towering high
A lining parameter
Woodland grown through centuries
Heights to magnitude

Ground space taken
The Buddhist Temple land
Red force of communism
Re-claiming sacred land
There own lost to conflict
Taken from the opposition
For the opposer’s

A modern Shanghai
Communist dictatorship relaxed
Religion and Spirituality
Allowed to return
Beliefs and choice
Enabled not suppressed
New Freedoms
Contemporary culture


The Longhua Revolutionary is the latest free flow text work from Alison Little. It responds to a photo viewed at the Shanghai Sacred exhibition at the VG&M in Liverpool. The statue is based at the Longhua Temple in Shanghai.

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The Police – Victim Blaming – Shana Grice


The case of Shana Grice came to light earlier in the week after the IPOC (Independent Office for Police Conduct) inquiry found the PC in charge of the case not guilty of gross misconduct. Shana was brutally murdered by her former partner: Michael Lane, in August 2016. There had been five reports of stalking made to the Police by Shana over a 6 month period, 13 other women had made reports of Lane stalking them previously. Lane was simply cautioned, Shana was fined £90 for wasting Police time. We question, when will victim-blaming by the Police Force in sexually predatory cases be addressed and tackled.

In August of 2016 Lane slipped into Shana’ accommodation after her flatmates and current boyfriend had left for work and slit her throat with deadly consequences. His next move was to use her credit card to withdraw £60 from her account to purchase fuel with the intention of burning the corpse. Previously, having gone to the extremities of fitting a tracker to her car and stealing her keys to enter her bedroom and observe her sleeping. This was not the first time he had been shown to act obsessively, 13 women had reported him for behaving in a similar manner over the last decade.

Despite putting forward a plea of not guilty, Lane was convicted of murder in 2017 and ordered to serve a minimum of 25 years behind bars. The judge, Sir Nicholas Green was very critical of the handling of the case by Sussex Police:

“There was seemingly no appreciation on the part of those investigating that a young woman in a sexual relationship with a man could at one and the same time be vulnerable and at risk of serious harm. The police jumped to conclusions and Shana was stereotyped.”

As a response to the judge’ statement, the Deputy Chief Constable admitted to ‘Failings’ by Sussex Police.

Last week saw the conclusion of the IOPC hearing into the case. Shana had reported Lane to the Police 5 times in 6 months for stalking. A telephone conversation which had been recorded by Shana, clearly stated that she wanted no further contact with Lane.

Phone Call recorded by Shana Grice

The Officer in charge of the case, Trevor Godfrey, retired directly after Shana’ murder. At the trial, he claimed that there had been inconsistencies in Shana’ claims and she had failed to disclose her former relationship with Lane. He made further claims that kiss’ added to text messages indicated they were involved in a consensual relationship. No consideration was given to the fact Shana may have been trying to pacify a proven to be violent Lane.

In a minute and a half phone call with Shana, PC Godfrey explained to Shana that any evidence of stalking which she had provided had been discredited. However, in his defense, it had in fact been his colleague that had decided to fine Shana for wasting Police time. In response to these actions, Shana’ felt unable to approach the authorities again with additional concerns about Lane’ predatory stalking. Earlier in the week, PC Godfrey was found guilty of misconduct, but not of the greater charge of gross misconduct, allowing him full access to his pension. Shana’ parent responded to the outcome:

“We firmly believe Shana would be alive today if Sussex Police had acted to protect Shana on the many occasions she complained about Lane rather than issue her with a fine for wasting police time.”

The Police Federation claimed that PC Godfrey’ actions were ‘Appropriate’.

Is guilty of misconduct by not gross misconduct a sufficient outcome of the trial? Are the comments of the Police Federation justified? A nineteen-year-old girl put on trial unjustly by the Police force months before her eventual killer would stand trial. PC Godfrey, in addition to other Officers clearly negligent and evidence of Police Force which is unwilling to protect the lives of those in which it has been designated to do so. As a society, it is time to push for the Police to raise their standards to that of at least ‘Adequate’ in sexual predator cases. We need systems in place to identify elements of victim-blaming by Police Officers from a much earlier stage. Equal to this, we need the power to fine removed from incompetent Police Officers.

Finally, and to the memory of Shana, we need to see no further cases of victims of sexual predators being failed by the Police Force.

Up there with the Fairies!


Last night saw the launch of Liverpool’ latest gallery spaces. Lis Edgar has successfully obtained, renovated and revealed this latest edition to the arts and culture scene. The new ABC 1 galleries take home in the former Taylor’s, 24 Newington, the corner of Renshaw street and only a few doors up from the bohemian haunt: the Egg Café.

Calling all Fairies exhibition captures our imagination on the heights of the July sun-drenched bay windows overlooking Renshaw Street.

‘The Power of Three’, a collaborative works between Matt Kilp, Caroline Corby and Naomi Soni brought life to the natural brick wall on which it hung. Incorporation of pouring techniques with found object of a glimmering flat mirror and the delight of peacock feathers. A powerful mix of colours from creams to pinks to blues, coincided with a range of earth tones. The idea of a rock formation is present combined with an impression of the sun. The high gloss finish of the abstract formulates perfectly with the interior of the space.

Lis Edgar’ ‘Dog on a beach’ throws a whippet into the mix of creativity. The composition of the piece draws the eye from the upper left, winding down the body to the lower right, finish off with the tail taking us back to the lower centre. The slenderness of the canine is showed off by the shadow running down his back to indicate a spine. The soberness of the face looking to one side brings true individuality to the creation. A reasonably priced print at £25 and a delight in any setting.

The exhibition also corresponded with the pop-up shop set up by artists from the studio space. Bev Evans work comprises of a range of cards and pendants, delightfully arranged within the space. After working as a graphic designer for thirty years, Bev decided to pursuit her artist dreams and began to produce the ranges we see before us today.

So the new inhabitants of the former Taylor showed us they know how to make things, as the soft sounds played from the vintage cassette player as the private view to us to new heights.

Exhibition continues over Pride Weekend then throughout August by appointment.

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Global Citizen

sheet 1 copy

Global Citizen is an artist proposal for the Festival of Manchester to occur in Platt Fields worked on by Alison Little.

Global Citizen

Highly coloured shredded paper is to take over Platt Fields. Gigantic 2 meter tall spheres are to be created reflecting how Mancunians are Global citizen. Inviting interaction, visitors will be able to touch and pull, tear and detach the array of strips.

Spherical forms to be created again with shredded paper but structural elements which show awareness of external conditions. A playscape where piles can be interacted with; an eco snowball fight like arena.

The full-colour spectrum to be applied throughout the site; from blue to green, to yellow, to orange, finishing off with red. The visual impact of the colour change present, but the potential for colours to be mixed by those exploring the installation.

The intention is for the artist to be present throughout the festival, developing the colour formations throughout the period. The paper shredding process to be done on site before the festival begins.

Global Citizen uses the global shaped sphere to draw attention to immigration which has thrived in the city, a true Metropolis. The intertwining of the shreds represent how communities work together and show strength in time of turmoil, the 2017 terror attack being the most recent. Equally, to promote green credentials through the use of paper. Identifying with issues around climate change and environmental conditioning. Some off the paper will inevitably blow away from the installation, potentially recycled paper and water-based paints to be used to speed up decomposition, 2-6 weeks. Clean up will comprise of removal of all paper and transported to the local recycling plant.

An installation which will excite, reflect the Global status of the city and encourage environmental sustainability.

Working on numerous public art commissions in the North West, the UK and Western Europe. For the Capital of Culture celebrations in Liverpool, she gained two commissions for Super Lambanana to be sited in the colossal Public Arts Trail which was to overtake Liverpool for the celebrations. Her more recent public art commissions are to include work for Kirby Town centre regeneration where she brought the Vikings back to the North West, strong graphical techniques were used for her most recent mural for East Street Arts new location in Garston.

She looks to combine her creative practice, often illustrating her writing or taking a similar issue as the focal point for the works. Rape, mental health, impotence and feminist issues are often explored through the forming of sculptural pieces using shredded paper and the writing of accompanying flash fiction, poetry and short stories. Forms are often displayed using piles of brightly coloured shredded paper throughout various installations. In this, she combines her personal experience of the subject matter, intensive fact-based research examining different philosophies and scientific predictions, the final outcome being predominantly sculpture and conceptual photography with different writing scripture. A challenging method of working creating a vast array of outcomes.

An artist, a writer and a creative explorer.

sheet 2 copy

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Eventually you will value my work

My processing skills

Question my abilities no longer

Not expect the impossible

Ensure you listen well


I am your well worked liver

For you I process liquid

On every level

Rendering toxins redundant

Crushing their harm potential

Filtering fluids through U bends

Passing them internally

The bodies journeys long


Insulting me as chemicals cleanse

Chaotic phases, varying months

Questions over your intoxication

Under the weather, you claim




No-one looking out

Blind drunk

In a state

Wrinkling my outer shell

Medication inevitable, one day


Give me joy!

More fruit juice please

Vimto not Vino

Pause, think health

Mineral increases


God, I must rest

Not full throttle

Ease off

Last a lifetime


Alison Little

Jehovah was a poem composed by Alison Little as part of National Writing Day and the Avron 5 day challenge.

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360 Modigliani


Last night saw the private view of the Modigliani Opera on Bold St, the 360 Degree cinematic experience had finally arrived in Liverpool.

Waiting with great anticipation on the purposefully darkened lower level of 25 Bold St, we look toward the technology. Laid out we had sets of boxed in eye units and industrial scale headphones.

After a short period, we are given the chance to try out the units. In confusion, Italian is selected as the language, Amedeo Modigliani, the great painter was Italian, but also spoke impeccable French after spending most of his adult working life in Paris.

Eyes boxed in and earphones in place we are taken through a short enactment from the direct perspective of the artist. The 3D visuals effect real beyond belief. In the bar we have a man come forward and grapple over what felt like our leg, wincing in response. Equally, convincing was the life model, in Italian, I picked out the word ‘Prostitute’. In the early years of the twentieth century, prostitutes were often sought for life modelling, this was commonplace in Paris. Modigliani was also renowned for the use of sex workers for other purposes then simply modelling nude. The screenplay takes us through a scenario where the girl is enticing sex, it is very visual in 3D, as the viewer and a woman this brought on feelings of discomfort.

The main 360-degree cinematic experience was to follow. We are lead through to the arena where it was to be screened. All around us, there are visual platforms, utilised at varied points. We are taken through Modigliani’ life, starting with his birth in Livorno in difficult financial circumstances. Progressing through his upbringing in Tuscany to his artist’ working life in the Bohemian, studio lined district of Montmartre, Paris. The screening incorporates the use of actors, filmed with traditional methods to stills of the artworks created by Modigliani. We gain an insight into his addiction to narcotics and alcohol, however, the Foundation argues that this appears to have been greatly exaggerated over the period elapsed from his death. They note that the use of hashish and the drinking of absinthe were not unusual in the artist communities of the period.

The film escorts us through more life modelling, reclined nudes in particular to Modigliani premature death to Tuberculosis at the age of thirty-five. Jeanne Hetbuterne, the love he spent the last few years of his life with is portrayed. Several days after his death she throws herself from her parent’s apartment window. Heavily pregnant, she, and her unborn child are killed on impact.

A sub-plot takes us from the start and at the end to the auction house, Christie’s of New York. In his lifetime he struggled financially, often selling drawings for the price of a meal, his painting never selling for more than a hundred and fifty Franks. After his death the price of his works increased sharply, there are recollections of art dealers re-negotiating prices at his funeral. In today’s market, his sculptures and paintings sell for Millions of, in this case, dollars.

The Modigliani Opera, a great experience, an insight into experimental new media and most of all it demonstrates how the artist and his works are as relevant today as when the oils were wet on the canvas.

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Footage from screening
Footage from screening

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