Multitude of Colour: The Liverpool Plinth


Split decision

Multitudes of colours rise up on the Liverpool plinth with Split Decision, the city’s latest public art sculpture.

Split decision is the much-anticipated form to take its place on the Liverpool plinth. Just under five meters in height the multi coloured abstraction of the human form draws attention to the anguish those suffering from depression struggle with when being forced to make decisions. The Egyptian born, Yorkshire based sculptor Sam Shendi states his intentions through the works:

‘Give hope to those going through hard times.’

The desire is not only to decorate our vision, but equally to enhance the quality of life of those struggling with mental health.

Many of Sam Shendi’ works can be considered quite sexual in the shapes in which he creates. Works such as ‘Mademoiselle’ suggest movement through its organic nature, but equally metamorphic in the way the structure looks to push inward. Other creations are very animated, ‘Bloomed’ in particular, indicating a rising motion, springing out through re-growth. Parallels can be drawn with the leading, internationally renowned sculptor: Louise Bourgeois, notably, ‘Backbiter’ implying a more sadistic side to sexual intercourse.’

The Liverpool Plinth is sited outside Liverpool Parish Church, often known as St Nicks. Located on Liverpool’ iconic waterfront it is a much sort after location for contemporary artworks. Set up to rival London and Trafalgar Squares forth plinth, Split Decision is the second sculpture to be sited there since the removal of Brian Burgess’ Christ on a Donkey.

Split Decision will be in place for the next twelve months and if nothing else it certainly brightens up our day.

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Lady Like


Childhoods spent of girls being told to be more lady-like.
The need to wear petty coats decades after there use has dwindled.
Showing your knickers during a fast-paced cartwheel, unthinkable.
Denied the pleasures of tree climbing,

void of the fun from play fighting

in the name of being lady-like.

Restrictiveness of ladylike rears its head.
Women should drink half glasses of larger not pints.
No smoking or swearing.
In pubs, females should find quiet side tables
No stand at the bar talking to men!
To be seen but not heard.

The route of the term: the Debutante balls.
Girls came of age. Introduced to society as Ladies.
Pressed into crippling finery,
Paraded so Men could stipulate their woman of choice.

Objectification through parentage,
through social class,
deprived of their own decision making capability.
This to dribble down from the social hierarchy,
the Aristocracy and the jolly well off,
the role models of the day.

Most hated of all,

a control term for effeminate men.
‘That’s not very lady-like.’
Low-level mutterings
for those who lack capability
Mission: to dis-empower women

through brandishing the phrase.

Renounce the term
P*ss all over it!
Say no Lady-Like
Tell the young to flash their pants if they like
Be strong and capable
Reject delicacy and weakness
Drink pints if you want
Smoke if you desire
Swear like a trooper
Stand at the bar
Tell effeminate controllers to F*ck off
Make Lady-like an outdated term!

Like corsets, chastity belts and underskirts,

let it cripple us no more.

Lady-Like no longer.


Lady-Like is a free-flow text work from Alison Little, written in 2019, see hopes the term is made redundant by the end of the decade. explain….

Ver 0.28N explain….

Ahead, we have a field, common ground, or well done up waste ground for those less gracious in terminology. Grass recently cut, some stripe like forms, but simply devised from the day-to-day routine of the Council cutter, not pitch perfect and suburban.
Ahead, we have a field, common ground, or well done up waste ground for those less gracious in terminology. Grass recently cut, some stripe like forms, but simply devised from the day-to-day routine of the Council cutter, not pitch perfect and suburban.

A random assortment of trees and stinger nettles encase the alleyway to the back entrances of the small residential estate adjacent. On the other side, there is a small woodland, a natural barrier to the mass wards of the hospital.

To the rear is a seemingly derelict sport and social club. Securely fenced and graffiti clad, topper of with a standard council issue ‘No Golf’ sign. A parameter created by the road ahead, a busy route to the motorway, a route to Manchester and a connector to the mass destinations of the M6. Above the road, a wind turbine takes direction in rotation.

The greenspace lies flat and barren, not a lunchtime dog walker or childhood games play in sight. Above the sky’s blue, to the left the clouds are dark and waterlogged, blowing over, traffic flows fast, an ambulance speeds through, desperate, an emergency. More cars, more vans head faster towards the motorway junction. The wind turbine rotates at full speed as currents cut through the air. The emptiness must end, she must make the appointment and she must explain what has happened.

Although a spring day, a hailstorm was to follow…. explain…. is a flash fiction works from Alison Little, it could potentially be used as the openning to a novel or  a shorter creative narrative.

Women: Breasts + Feeling Uncomfortable


The top 5 reasons why women’s breasts make you wince, avert the eyes and wish you weren’t present.

too big
5 They are just a bit too big and the top is just a bit too small. When you can see more of them than its comfortable looking towards.












4 In work or training situations when making notes. You are Biro clad, scribbling onto a clipboard and your eyes wander into a fully exposed cleavage. Wrong place, wrong time for that kind of thing.










3 When their looks to be uncomfortable piercings, you cringe at the thought of the skin being broken and pulled adversely around the bosom area.












2 You see a girl in her mid-teens with simply too much cleavage on show. Skin crawls as grown men check out the pubescent credentials laid out for all to view.
















1 When they are being used as weapons of objectification, the bosom comes forth ahead of the body. They are jostled and re-arranged directly into your face, the unpleasantries pulled up to display how much more superior they are to yours and everyone else’s.

I must be Miss Liverpool!

Miss Liv image copy

I must be Miss Liverpool!

We are seated, lined up, eventually at the final of Miss Liverpool. The seats of the room arched around, judges desks empty for now. They have demobbed to a side room, making the final, ultimate, life-changing decision.

I must be Miss Liverpool!

It’s taken me four years to get here, I am twenty-two now, applying since eighteen, each time getting a little further, this time to the final. The extra cash borrowed for botox being the bar heightener. Four years of casual work to fund; hair, make-up, nails, extensions, tanning, designer brand gear and finally botox.

I must be Miss Liverpool!

When Daniel Lloyd won it she really became someone. She got Miss Liverpool, Miss GB and even got put in the Miss World contest. She did FHM, Playboy and even bagged the Face of Ladbrooks. She should have won Celebrity Big Brother, if it hadn’t been for that Shilpa ‘Shitty’. And then after having three kids with Jamie O’Hara, I bet the divorce settlement was massive. That’s want I want, a line of footballing boyfriends to make me the ultimate WAG.

I must be Miss Liverpool!

Then there was that Christine that got married to Paddy McGuinness, she was only eighteen and him in his forties. I wouldn’t mind being with an older fella if you got all his money and the celebrity lifestyle. She even got to go on ‘The Real Housewives of Cheshire’.

I must be Miss Liverpool!

Lots of the winners get signed by Impact modelling agency. There the best glamour agency around, on your page you model in just your bra and knickers and they list your vital statistics. Image, everyone who wants looking at you, men wanting you and women wanting to be you.

The judges are coming now, I look down and chant:

I must be Miss Liverpool!

Through my teeth, I repeat the words as the third then second placed are revealed. This is my last chance, I will be too old next year at twenty-three.
I must be Miss Liverpool.

I recoil as the winner is read out. No, not her, barely eighteen, a bookworm at college, a bore. Actually looks like she let her hair dry naturally and it’s not straightened or dyed or anything. Her heals are only three inches high and that’s not even a designer dress. I cannot believe it, with the title she wants to go the Alder Hey and visit the cancer ward as she has promised her Aunty who is a nurse there, ridiculous!

No night club openings, no botox, no boob job, simply visiting boring sick kids. What could have been, I could have been a leading WAG, I could have had my own line of product, gone on ‘Celebrity Love Island’, I could have married a footballer…. I could have had another boob job….I could of had a maximum divorce settlement.

I will never be anyone!

‘I must be Miss Liverpool’ is a flash fiction works from Alison Little. It was performed at the The Athenaeum as part of the Light Night 2019 festival.

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Rags, the Boutique does Southport

Ver 0.28N

Last Saturday saw the fun of Rags Boutique at Southport Festival.

For the magic-themed festival we created an array of high standing wizard hats, a collection of mushroom masks. Black cats masqueraded and a troop of unicorns topped everything off.

Alison Little started Rags Boutique workshops over a decade ago as part of Bold Street development as consumers were flocking to the newly opened Liverpool 1 and retailers were losing custom. She then found a temporary home for the workshops and an exhibition venue in The Old Paint shop, Rapid. The workshop has grown from strength to strength making appearances at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool and the Museum of Liverpool on several occasions.

Last weekend it was Southport’ turn and it livened up Mermaid gardens in the traditions of Lord Street. Southport Festival takes place in early May, lining the streets with arts, dance, music and comedy.

More about Southport Festival

Much fun was had on the streets of much loved Southport.

Bongo Bongo Bangs…


James Bongo bangs on…..about many matters. The conscious Poet, humanitarian and ascending master performed at last weeks Fringe Festival Open Mic Night at Frederiks. He talks to us about poetry, life and beliefs.

In choosing from a collection of over fifty poems to perform at the event last week his work reflects his varied beliefs. He doesn’t abide by any religious controlling mechanism or any other ‘isms’, feeling that they are detrimental to society. However, he does believe in God, the Universe and the energy of love. His interests lie with social unrest and true history, not the nonsense we have been force fed.

Born in Liverpool and raised in the city centre, then Croxteth the youngest of eleven of an extensive very loving Catholic family. His parents and siblings liked a drink , this seemed normal to him, after his Mum and Dad passed away he drank to mask the pain. Things escalated:

‘I hit the wall with the booze.’

He knew he had to stop, he was harming himself, his family and his partner. They helped him through alcoholism so he could face life again. In cohort they fun an exciting family business, ‘Practical Magic Vintage’ based in Newington. James has been free from alcohol addiction for six years.

Attending college in old Swan he decided against Uni in favour of self-education. He looked at many sources of literature including Sumerian Texts and the Gospel according to Thomas. Studying ancient symbolism, he re-addressed the Bible, the Quran and other religious readings. In terms of writing, he began to produce works relating to the control of the masses through religion and schooling. Reflecting his view; ‘We are born free, we enslave ourselves in the mind prison, we need to free the mind and free the soul.’ His major works include ‘The failed indoctrination of a broke entrepreneur gospel, according to Jimmy Bongo’, this will be published in the autumn. In addition to the poetic works, he includes writings about his life and growing up in Liverpool under ‘Thatchers Iron Fist’ and those he has seen dye from drug and alcohol abuse.

Organizing several nights in Liverpool he is a leading figure on the spoken work front. ‘Freedom of Speech’ is a platform for performers: poets and musicians, to do their own thing, building a community of people to voice their beliefs. Second to this he holds fundraisers to help a domestic abuse charity, ‘Out of the Corner’. A friend of his, Dr Karen Johnson, set up the charity and is a survivor of domestic abuse herself. The night is a mix of poetry and music and a cause James is passionate to support. He is helped with both nights by his friends. His other life long friend peter, an expert with filming and technical matters we all strive to master.

The next Freedom of Speech night will be held this Sunday (05.05.19) at Dr Feelgoods, 57a Bold Street, Liverpool. There will be performances from many including, Electric Shakedown, Just Joe and not forgetting 1 cool Poet.

I shit my Pants

Jesus was a Chonger

Grab a Granny Night

Maggies Children

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