2 Years

Easter marks two years of Dave’s passing, an early victim of covid 19. Alison, his partner writes this poem to mark the occasion.

2 years

2 years since our last handclasp

2 years of pandemic passed

2 years, your death broadcast

2 years, of living steadfast

===News Flash===

Russia invaded Ukraine

Putin’ dictators brain

Claims of being insane

World War 3? to ascertain

Ukrainians stood hearty strong

Maripol, besieged month long

Kieve fought, Russia retreated hourlong

Mines left in corpses, the Slavic song

===Sports News===

Details of the footy, you await

LFC on top, but don’t inflate

Man City may accelerate

Chelsea not far, a little belate’

Outcry, with my blue team!

Abramovitch’ metal, Russian tanks gleam

Oligarch wealth extracted, the bloodstream

Chelsea, for sale, the Bridge beam’

Gerrard gains, Villa mid table

Lamps for Everton, not the same fable

Religation, sat above, unstable

Form, quite directly: abysmal

===Home News===

Myself, retraining Media City

Daily zoom sessions, the web community

Match of the Day filmed hyper activity

Shakespeare North, applying, locality

A family of rodents took up house!

I screamed, in scurried a mouse

Could not call you from the alehouse

Austin patrolled, you amiss, my spouse

1 caught, adhered to a board

Then a second explored

Another 2 same fate award’

1 remained, not the same accord

Front bedroom trapped

Ambush spring bound, baited

Bait taken, the vermin lapped

Poison dispose as it napped

A week, still taking, metallic spoils

Then, no more did it coil

Over was our toil

No longer sleeping in turmoil

2 years apart

Some ways, a new start

Remain top of my heart

Love, no need a jumpstart!

Alison Little

6 responses to “2 Years”

  1. Sorry for your loss. Poignant poem x x x


  2. Keep on writing Poetry. And don’t ever care about what anyone else thinks of it.
    I did care, although while I didn’t stop, I did stop showing it to other people, which was very silly of me.


  3. I’m so sorry for your loss, Alison. And what a heartful post for Dave. Thank you for sharing. Also thank you for finding and following me since I’m glad to find you. Even your 2018 posts are relevant and make me happy to have found your blog. Peace to you.


  4. This Blogging lark isn’t as easy as it might sometimes appear to be. So do it for your own sake.


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