Ivy League Washing

The eco hack you will wish you discovered years ago!

What would you say if I was to tell you that for 30 pence you could cover the cost of laundry detergent for eternity?

The Ivy hack extraordinaire!

Here’s how it works:

You collect wild ivy on your daily walk.

Place in a mesh bag and tie shut, I used a reusable fruit and veg back I got from Asda for 30 pence.

Place it in the washing machine with stained washing.

Washing comes out: clean, stain free and with a wonderful evergreen forest aroma.

Ivy can preferably be composted, but if binned will decompose quickly in landfill.


It is every bit as good as traditional washing powder, I tried it on floor cloths and they came out white again.

So why is it more environmental?

Primarily: Zero packaging or transportation needed.

Ivy grows abundantly as waste foliage, all year round. It will decompose naturally and at pace. Daily walks in green space are eco pursuits as opposed to internal energy consuming activities. 

Other plus points?

The cost:

30 pence mesh bag versus £10 a month washing powder, amounting to £120 yearly, totalling six grand over the next 50 years not accounting for inflation.