Ariana Grande Bee

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Ariana Grande Bee is the design submitted for Bee in the city, the mass public art trail to take place in the summer of 2018 in Manchester. This design is one of two submitted by Artist Alison Little.

Ariana Grande Bea is a tribute to the star Ariana Grande who took to the people Manchester and the nations hearts after the devastating terror attack in May of last year. The representation plays tribute to the costumes she wears to performs many of her gigs, with the full swag of a singing and dancing sensation. In the base of the form, we make reference to ‘One Love Manchester’ the slogan presented on the famous white hoodie she wore for the charity concert held only two weeks after the carnage of the explosion.


Putting your Heads Together


The latest exhibition: Speakers, created by Nicholas Party brought some much-needed colour to the December days.

In entering the discretely fronted Oxford City centre Modern Art Gallery then making your way up to the first floor, then slipping into the Piper Gallery you encounter an array of colours. The walls are painted a yellow tone, five almost two-meter tall heads make an impact on the gallery space. The fibreglass forms have a kind of sadness in their sculptural shaping, lips poised in an unhappy motion. However, each form appears bright and vibrant due to the mass of colours painted directly onto their surface. Greens, oranges and purples are stippled on to create hair, eyes are toned with darker shades, eyebrows are added and expressions are generated. The visual impact is accompanied by a sound-scape of traditional piano and cello chimes subtly playing from each cerebellum.

Swiss-born artist Nicholas Party is responsible for this amazing Oxford city centre installation. As of many of our great contemporary painters he began his artistic career as a 1990’s street graffiti artist. From the streets to a BA in fine arts at the Lausanne School of Art in Switzerland, then crossing Europe to the Glasgow School of Art to complete an MA. This was followed by an onslaught of solo exhibitions and commissions in Washington, LA, Dallas, Edinburgh and Florence. He currently works and lives in Brussels and New York.

In Speakers, his latest commission for Modern Art Oxford he has created a theatre scape installation of feminine heads. The sculptural forms stand brightly in the gallery repressing the achievement of pioneering women of Oxford. He considers the work to be:

 The heavily masculine energy of Oxford’s architecture and academic histories.

A great achievement for an artist who has not forgotten his graffiti spraying routes in the array of colours he applies to his creations.

We hope to see much more from this artist who really knows how to put heads together.

Exhibition runs

25 November 2017

18 February 2018

Modern Art Oxford

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Triangulation was a mural concept put forward to Cains Brewery Development in Liverpool:

Alison Little is a visual artist and writer based in Liverpool, she looks to combine her visual arts and creative writing practice. As an artist, she has worked on numerous commissions from Go Superlambanana’s to Kirby Town Centre Renewal. Her creative endeavours are to include the project management of Rags Boutique: a project to open a disused retail unit as an exhibition space and workshop venue. Working on numerous public art commissions in the North West, the UK and Western Europe. For the Capital of Culture celebrations in Liverpool, she gained two commissions for Super Lambanana to be sited in the colossal Public Arts Trail which was to overtake Liverpool for the celebrations. Her more recent public art commissions are to include work for Kirby Town centre regeneration where she brought the Vikings back to the North West, strong graphical techniques were used for her most recent mural for East Street Arts new location in Garston. In spring of this year, she completed her 6th Super Lambanana commission for the Lip Doctors in Maghull in which she adorned the creature in an array of lips to create: Super Lambanana Lips, her finest to date. In addition to her arts practice, she writes about the Liverpool creative scene, published in Hidden Gems, Art in Liverpool website and her well-read blog.

Through Triangulation she would like to propose a large scale hand painted mural to be sited on the old brewery works. The concept of a triangle to reflect the Northern facing panels of the roof, the triangle supports used within the mezzanine level and the Baltic Triangle where the former brewery is located. The monotone black and white backing surface uses a hand drawn series of triangles to suggest a three-dimensional form. This looks to give an indication of the white space purposed for gallery presentation, the modules which form office and studio space. Individual triangle sections are then rendered with designs which reflect the past and present purpose of the building. The Yellow-backed red ‘C’ comes from the original ‘Cains’  which form office and studio space. Individual triangle sections are then rendered with designs which reflect the past and present purpose of the building. The Yellow-backed red ‘C’ comes from the original ‘Cains’ logo, a well-known symbol of the city. The designers housed within the hub are symbolised by the used of colour charts, the notion of Pantone references being selected is suggested. A free-flowing modernist, sculpted for draws our attention to the Sculptors working for this exciting new arts space. Writers make their presence know by a mass of letters jumbled together to reflect upon the creative approach to creative passage. An old fashioned film real show us the movie makes are in motion, the tattoo artist presents a lizard crawling across its triangular space. A martial artist strikes a pose and the musician make themselves heard with a mass of notes rising to the peak of the three sided form. Finally, the producers give us strategic direction and remind us that creatives need to network through the use of arrows. The mural to be based with white masonry paint, detail to be painted in artists acrylics to be finished with hard wearing, UV proof yacht varnish. The used of cut vinyl as a stencilling medium to be undertaken.

Alison Little

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