The Silky Scrum

scrum image

The Silky scrum is a fictional works, none of the characters or events are based on specific individuals or occurrences.

Barry was up early, it is a Sunday morning: his favourite day of the week: Rugby practice. He had his kit laid out by his girlfriend soon to become his wife. He went to the pub for a few beers last night to see the lads, watched the end of the footy, although he isn’t really interested in the wimps game it’s good to catch up with the boys. He brought a few porn DVD’s off one of the Chinese sellers, he also wasn’t that interested in those just went along with what was expected. Stashed them at the back of the wardrobe where his girlfriend wouldn’t find them with a few another bits he had forgotten about.

Now to getting dressed ready for training for his much anticipated morning that his whole week revolved around. To the very best bit, his silky underpants. This pair is a dark navy blue tight fitting shorts style. He draws them onto himself, feeling them slide up his hairy legs. Flush now around his groin, one of his daily pleasures. He can never remember where the love of silky underwear came from but it was one of his true indulgences.

He then throws on the rest of his kit, lashing his feet into his trainers. Leaving saying goodbye to his girlfriend or locating his keys, she’ll be in later making dinner when he gets back anyway. Grabbing his coat he knocks another one down, he leaves it as she’ll get it later on.

At training he is an outer man in the scrum, as he leans inwards, shoulder to shoulder, he smiles to himself as he can feel the silk of the pants strain across his groin.

Alison Little