A-Z of Remarkable Men

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A-Z of Remarkable Men is the latest print from Alison Little, she talks us through the men that made the Grade to feature on the delightful artwork.

Adam, the original Man. Created by God and the start of Mankind, we owe an awful lot to him.

Banksy the graffiti artist who has taken street art to new levels.

Charles Dickens, the legendary author of the Victoria era who gave us the likes of Scrooge, Oliver and Nancy.

My Dad, the men who bring us into the World, fed us, clothes us and never stop caring how we getting along.

Albert Einstein, the German born physicist who developed the theory of relativity.

Frank Bruno, Boxer and all round champion who brought the Nation together throughout the Eighties and Nineties.

George Best, Northern Ireland and Manchester United professional footballer.

Damien Hirst, original YBA (Young British Artist) and Turner Prize winner who projected London to the Capital of the Art world.

Isaac Newton, one of the most influential scientists of all time who developed the theory of gravity.

John Lennon, Founding member of the Beatles and the legend that followed.

Keats, leading figure in the second wave of Romantic poets.

Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance Artist have gave us many great works including the Mona Lisa.

Matt Damon, Hollywood actor who shot into the limelight after the success of Good Will Hunting.

Nelson, Naval Commander who insured Britain ruled the waves during the Napoleonic wars, finally being killer by a sniper at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Oasis, the Gallagher lead band that was the Nineties, reminding us ‘Don’t look back in anger.’

Paul McCartney, founding member of the Beatles and the legend which still is Sir Paul.

Quentin Blake, Illustrator who brought Roald Dahl’s books to life with his colourful characters.

Wayne Rooney, Everton, Manchester United and England International professional footballer.

Scott of the Antarctic, Royal Navy Officer who lead the fateful expedition to the South Pole.

Tom Daley, double World Champion diver.

Usher, American Singer, Songwriter and Dancer.

Vincent van Gogh, the Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who brought the South of France to life with renditions such as Starry Night.

Winston Churchill, the Wartime leader who lead us to victory in the Second World War.

OXlade Chamberlain, Arsenal, Liverpool and England International Professional footballer.

Yves Klein, French artist considered to be one of the most important figures in Post War European Art, most notable for his monotone works.

The mask of Zorro, Johnston McCulley’ character who escapes from prison to find his long lost daughter and avenge to death of his wife.

The prints are A4 in size, available framed or unframed from Arts Hub in Lark Lane, Liverpool.

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She sits chin neatly poised into a lightly clasped hand. Mouth slightly ajar, almost ready to take on a soft melody. Eyes looking through small rounded glasses into a place far away into her thoughts. Skin soft and smooth to touch, hair short and curly, wild but angelic in its freestyle.

As her mind moves from the thought she was engaged in she decides to smoke a cigarette. After rolling her own, she lights up and inhales. Head lost in thought again, this time she looks slightly down with her gaze. In juxtaposition, her cigarette is held high as it progresses to burn its way down to the self-formed filter. She plots her next move through the lenses of the lenses of the tiny rimmed milk-bottle spectacles.

In this she stands up, tall but slender in build. Her boots are brown swede brandishing an assortment of decorative buckles. Jeans are flared, topped off with a tiny t-shirt encasing her firm but small breasts with the trendy no-bra look of the era. The look finished off with a tight fitted, low set matching denim jacket making her appear almost taller than her physical height. In her action, she holds up her right hand, clasps in her two smaller fingers and her thumb, then spreads open the larger fingers to give us the Peace Symbol.