Badgers in Burnley!

The Platinum Jubilee celebrations routed a trip across the Pennines for Rags Boutique. Burnley was the destination, the Leeds Liverpool canal the location.

Buffered on the canal bank, the floating canopy was taken over by Burnley’s youth of creatives. Repurposed, single use plastic bags the source material, magical masks the outcome. Badgers, bumble bee’s, bats and beautiful dragonflies were templated, cut, stapled and elastic bound to the miniature makers. 

Red, white and blue bunting then engaged the jubilant troupe of artisans. Late on, a downpour threatened to wash out the day’s artistic endeavours. The families edges nearer together, keeping dry under the canopy. Pen and ink then took centre stage as depictions of canalside animals overtook the papers of the project.

Exubilence, a making to endorse the wildlife of modern canal settings. Fun, fabulous and a simply fantastic workshop in Burnley!