Forest Island

Forest Island

Not much of a gamer?

Played a bit of Pac Man and Tetris in your younger days?

Snake used to pass the time on outstretched train journeys?

Forest Island is the game for you!

A feel good game which relaxes and takes away your daily stresses. Easy to download to your phone or tablet. Fundamentally simple, great for that wind down spot after dinner and the currently so depressingly deadly evening news. A small slot of 5 or 10 minutes of video gaming the slow paced way before the drama’s of the soaps take to the screen.

Refreshing greenery of the ever-growing forest combines with white sands and calming stillness of the ocean. A simple game, no instructions required, clip on hearts and gems with your finger tips. You gradually build your island with a bear cave and deer meadow coming at more advanced stages. Collected hearts and gems are used to acquire further creatures and landscaping features. Additional structures and animals are easy to purchase from the store for a minimal fee. 

The downsides, there are a few: mainly, slightly lengthy to download. Secondly, it really is one for the girls! We have the feminine delights of bunny rabbits giving off hearts in multiples. 

A great minimal commitment game which will take the stresses out of your day.

Download now!

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