Gratitude Jar

So, after an awe inspiring session with positive psychologist Alice Beveridge     I have taken the uplifting step of creating a gratitude jar. In this, I re-purposed a beetroot jar, by adding  paper circles. The beautifully flowered yellow papers were casings for Sainsburys lemon and ginger tea. The next step was to adorn with treats of the liquorice allsort variety. The intention being to take a sweet everytime a comment is dropped into the jar. Christmas week being the ideal time to open and read through the comments reflecting on the year passed.

Then, the challenge began, I started to address all I am grateful for, here goes:


+ Pizza with extra meat feast toppings including lashings and lashings of pepperoni.

A pot of tea in the morning: the luxury of a two cup pot brewing awakening assam to start the day.

My imperfections: the way my breasts never grew to the size of Pamela Andersons, which myself and every other 90’s school girl felt was necessary to be considered even remotely attractive. Reminiscing of seeing Lily James cast as Pammy, I languish over how awful she looks in comparison to the leading lady she played in the Pursuit of Love and Cinders in the ever re-told classic tale of Cinderella. 

Then to my accomplishments: graduating from art school, my first art commission and peeing on a copper. Yes, after a drunken night out, staying in an Australian Youth Hostel and sleeping on the top bunch. There is still a Police report about the golden shower the Police woman sleeping below myself received. And, of course I apologised…..

Te He…..!

The time I had with Dave before he was lossed to covid. The laughs, the jokes and the fun we had. Still having both my parents on speed dial, neither have succumbed to covid. Her Majesty, although down with the dreaded virus, certainly not out and making a fair recovery. Vaccinations against Covid, booster jabs and that there will be more booster jabs.

Being able to draw, create and indulge in all forms of art while exercising my extensive imagination. In being diverse and living in a community and time period where this is accepted.

The ‘I have a Dream’ speech which Martin Luther King gave in full glory.

Not being a senior Tory MP and continually having to explain what parties I attended at number 10 during lockdown. 

In having read ‘Girl A’, a beyond amazing book, a debut novel published only last year. The fun I will have trying to find out if Abigail Dean, the author, is genuinely into bondage. 

Auto save on computers

Spell check


TV streaming

Apps for everything

Social media and my Mum being on Facebook

Inside toilets…….

The NHS: clap for carers may have been during the first wave of the pandemic, but they are still struggling on and providing the best care possible.

My yard: an afternoon sun trap which got me through the worst days of lockdown.

The Future

And that, I have a future..

The walking holiday I am planning to take the dog on in the late spring. Loch Lomond bound for days of long meandering and evenings of camp fires.

What are you grateful for?

Can anyone beat peeing on a copper as an achievement?

Start your Gratitude Jar.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Jar

  1. Your gratitude list certainly looks different from mine! But, I also have a gratitude jar … and I love watching folks who come to our home see the invitation to drop a note in – and do so! One of these days when the jar is full, we will relish an afternoon devoted to reading all the contents 👍🏽❤️


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