Gratitude Jar

So, after an awe inspiring session with positive psychologist Alice Beveridge     I have taken the uplifting step of creating a gratitude jar. In this, I re-purposed a beetroot jar, by adding  paper circles. The beautifully flowered yellow papers were casings for Sainsburys lemon and ginger tea. The next step was to adorn with treats of the liquorice allsort variety. The intention being to take a sweet everytime a comment is dropped into the jar. Christmas week being the ideal time to open and read through the comments reflecting on the year passed.

Then, the challenge began, I started to address all I am grateful for, here goes:


+ Pizza with extra meat feast toppings including lashings and lashings of pepperoni.

A pot of tea in the morning: the luxury of a two cup pot brewing awakening assam to start the day.

My imperfections: the way my breasts never grew to the size of Pamela Andersons, which myself and every other 90’s school girl felt was necessary to be considered even remotely attractive. Reminiscing of seeing Lily James cast as Pammy, I languish over how awful she looks in comparison to the leading lady she played in the Pursuit of Love and Cinders in the ever re-told classic tale of Cinderella. 

Then to my accomplishments: graduating from art school, my first art commission and peeing on a copper. Yes, after a drunken night out, staying in an Australian Youth Hostel and sleeping on the top bunch. There is still a Police report about the golden shower the Police woman sleeping below myself received. And, of course I apologised…..

Te He…..!

The time I had with Dave before he was lossed to covid. The laughs, the jokes and the fun we had. Still having both my parents on speed dial, neither have succumbed to covid. Her Majesty, although down with the dreaded virus, certainly not out and making a fair recovery. Vaccinations against Covid, booster jabs and that there will be more booster jabs.

Being able to draw, create and indulge in all forms of art while exercising my extensive imagination. In being diverse and living in a community and time period where this is accepted.

The ‘I have a Dream’ speech which Martin Luther King gave in full glory.

Not being a senior Tory MP and continually having to explain what parties I attended at number 10 during lockdown. 

In having read ‘Girl A’, a beyond amazing book, a debut novel published only last year. The fun I will have trying to find out if Abigail Dean, the author, is genuinely into bondage. 

Auto save on computers

Spell check


TV streaming

Apps for everything

Social media and my Mum being on Facebook

Inside toilets…….

The NHS: clap for carers may have been during the first wave of the pandemic, but they are still struggling on and providing the best care possible.

My yard: an afternoon sun trap which got me through the worst days of lockdown.

The Future

And that, I have a future..

The walking holiday I am planning to take the dog on in the late spring. Loch Lomond bound for days of long meandering and evenings of camp fires.

What are you grateful for?

Can anyone beat peeing on a copper as an achievement?

Start your Gratitude Jar.

World Gymnastics Championship

The World Gymnastics Championships are due to be held in Liverpool, autumn 2022. Alison Little submitted a medal design, however she was unsuccessful, however she is looking forward to seeing the winning submission cast in Gold.

Below is an extract from her proposal.

Medal Design

World Gymnastics Championship, Liverpool 2022

A design which will celebrate the gymnastic athletes which are being brought on a Global scale to the city of Liverpool. The famed landmark of the Liver building to become a pommel horse and floor platform.

Gymnastics, the preeminent sport in developing physical ability and coordination. Balance, strength, flexibility, athletes become scorpions of flight through their performance. A dedication to a sport which originated with the Spartans in Greece to prepare men for war. Taken forth by the Romans, then permeating throughout Europe and over to the USA from the later years of the eighteenth century. The men’s competition being included in the first modern Olympic Games, the women’s entering forthwith in the 1920’s as the equality demands of first wave feminism transcended the Globe. The modern sport of artistic gymnastics presents expertise in: uneven and parallel bars, the floor, rings, the all important balance beam, finishing off with the pommel and vaulting horses.

A medal which will authentically reflect the dexterity and devotion essential to achieving winning status. The design aims to replicate the origins of a disk shape, coin-like form. Utilizing the ribbon to be worn through the traditional mode, to be bestowed then sported on the athlete as a token of the training and diligence which has led to vast accomplishment.

The design transforms the Liver building into a pommel horse and stage for floor performance. The male athlete takes the handle of the pommel demonstrating scissor leg movement. The female athlete performs a dance move from a floor routine, displaying skills of balance and artistry. Although attractive the female athlete is not sexualised, at the peak of physical fitness but evidently an athlete and not an objectified symbol of lust. Eluding any association with the term ‘Gymnastics’ which means to perform naked and recent controversies around sexualisation of British female gymnasts.

The Royal Liver Building to represent the port city of Liverpool. A major landmark since its construction in the early twentieth century. A grade I listed building, encompassing thirteen stories, sited in a key position on the iconic waterfront at Pier Head. We look to witness the athletes fly, but not the Liver Birds: Bella and Bertie. The fable tells of how if the birds were to fly off the city would cease to exist.

An outer edge to be created, inside we look to replicate a rim of chalk used on hands and feet by gymnasts. In design this looks to emulate the notion of raw, unworked metal ore within the design. Introducing a craft element to CNC production techniques. The medals will be produced using CNC for mold making then die cast. To the rear of the medal the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) logo to be engraved. Additional engraving to be added to the side of the medal commemorating the event:

‘World Gymnastics Championships, Liverpool 2022’

When using gold the manufacturing process to ensure that mercury is not used in purification as this can poison eco systems. Potential for reclaimed mirrors to be used within the silver edition. Bronze to be widely utilized, particularly for the supporters medal. Further possibilities for gilding and plating to be explored using non-precious metals. Conceivably a variation of size between Gold, Silver and bronze. The intention of the supporters token is to be the medal without any hanging methodology and to be presented boxed.

Aesthetically, the hanging ribbon is positioned towards the rear edge of the medal. The use of weave technique, incorporating the FIG logo within the weave. Berisford woven ribbon manufacturers based in Congleton are local manufacturers, minimising environmental impact and supporting the regional economy.

A design which can truly celebrate gymnastics on a global stage from the city of Liverpool. The Royal Liver Building, an iconic of Liverpool standing tall within the medal. Two athletes of calabre, through the male we champion strength and ability, the female reflects grace and elegance.

A medal worthy of the sporting success it honours.

Alison Little