A lovely loo!

The loo – to some a little insignificant room within your larger domain. To your bladder it’s a lifeline, the only room that matters to your bowls.

What makes a lovely loo?

Hand painted touches displaying flowers and the splendour of spring.
Real foliage, plants which will bloom and disguise any smell.
Lavish quantities of hand soaps, creams and lotions

Freshly painted walls bring cleanliness to the lav environment.
Ceramics from the continent, bring back the spirit of your summer holiday.
A mass of cleaning products ready to deal with daily bathroom dramas.
Most importantly, oodles and oodles of lavish loo roll. Not breaking the ethics of stockpiling prevailed during the early days of the pandemic.

Follow these steps to get a lav you adore, not a WC you abore!

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