It’s my Life

House of Smalls is an art space, created and co-ordinated by the far reaching fine artist Amy Oliver. It was conceived as a response to lock down, established galleries had been forced to close their doors to the public, a full return to normality not yet a reality within the creative sector. Opening in November 2020 it offers an affordable, female centric venue able to present digital exhibitions to a Global audience.

a single dolls house became a street of 3 galleries

What was initially a single dolls house became a street of 3 galleries. Since opening it has hosted 6 group shows with physical works from 145 countries from 18 countries. They are currently based in a small village in Wiltshire. 

It’s my Life is the 7th group show opening on Saturday the 29th of January 2022. 40 artists have submitted works around the theme of medication and self medication encompassing themes of dependence and addiction.

Flox presents a random outlay of fluoxetine tablets jotted onto the chemist’s prescription

Alison Little’ Flox is featured in the imminent Its my Life exhibition. A collection of art made on receipts from purchases made by Alison of the later stages of the pandemic. In this she had scribbled speedy depictions of the items purchased on their shop receipts. Flox presents a random outlay of fluoxetine tablets jotted onto the chemist’s prescription. Fluoxetine is a common antidepressant, its usage became widespread during the global health crisis.

A lovely loo!

The loo – to some a little insignificant room within your larger domain. To your bladder it’s a lifeline, the only room that matters to your bowls.

What makes a lovely loo?

Hand painted touches displaying flowers and the splendour of spring.
Real foliage, plants which will bloom and disguise any smell.
Lavish quantities of hand soaps, creams and lotions

Freshly painted walls bring cleanliness to the lav environment.
Ceramics from the continent, bring back the spirit of your summer holiday.
A mass of cleaning products ready to deal with daily bathroom dramas.
Most importantly, oodles and oodles of lavish loo roll. Not breaking the ethics of stockpiling prevailed during the early days of the pandemic.

Follow these steps to get a lav you adore, not a WC you abore!

New Year: New You

The earnest days of 2022, here are some time honoured resolutions that we have all declared on a damp January morning.

Dry January

1 Drink less alcohol

Many of us take this pledge, to reduce the amount we drink. A positive incentive may be to try Dry January. The web site, offers a free app to download with oodles of prompts and steering suggestions. A further favourite for fans of the after work drink, which often turns into a full evening session, is to substitute this for a special non alcoholic drink. A hot chocolate, made on the hob with real milk, whipped cream and mini marshmallows is an ultimate fave! The BBC good food website has a great range of mocktail recipes, find the one you love and make this your after work thirst quencher. Will a pear and rum punch beat off the elderly mulled apple juice!

Will a pear and rum punch beat off the elderly mulled apple juice!

2 Boost fitness

Running is one of the most popular fitness activities, you may have to start with a walking routine before you progress to jogging. Couch to 5K is a great free app from the NHS to get you started. If you are looking to improve the distance you run, training for a race is a great incentive. Many marathon runners started with a charity race, the Marie Curie 5K is a top ranking option for those just starting out. Aiming to complete a full or half marathon? Structure your training around two mid week sessions and one long weekend run, increasing by either a full or a half mile weekly. 

Couch to 5K

Running doesn’t rock your boat, pick a preferred sport and get off the stalls. If you require others to play with you, consider joining a local club.

3 Healthy eating

Want to start simply nibbling on nachos and gorging full out on greens?

Widening your fruit and veg intake is an ace place to kick off, flash on 5 portions a day. Opt for skinless chicken as opposed to beef and note down: turkey is very low in fat and ideal to consume beyond Christmas. Swap crisps bags for yoghurt pots in your rubbish bin. When desiring a for a chochy bar, choose a nutty one, energy is released into your metabolism over a longer period and will make you feel full for longer. Equally, if selecting a dessert, a carrot cake is far better for you because of the nut and carrot content than a treble choc mega-slab with cream.

4 Finish off that half done job!

Whether it’s cleaning out the garage, decorating the spare room or re-organising the cupboard under the stairs. Section off what needs to be done into manageable two hour slots then completing the full task over four weekends. Clear one cupboard at a time, paint the walls one week, the woodwork the following. You will complete the task much sooner than continually delaying a full one or two days to accomplish a mammoth task.

accomplish a mammoth task

5 Let go of any deep rooted resentment 

The affair your partner regretfully indulged in, aggrieved by a former workplace, hostile toward an individual or organisation who have maltreated yourself?

Easier said than done!

Dr Drew, the American Loveline show host, phazes this second to none:

‘Resentment is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die.’

Dr Drew

Substandard advice follows these lines:

‘Just get over it’

Here’s a 4 step process that works for real:

A Make a list of all people, organisations or even places you feel resentment towards.

B Next to each point on the list note down why you feel malice in regards to them.

C Identify which part of your life this effects. For example, a school bully who repatedly tauld you thet you were ugly could have effected your self esteam. You ability to feel safe may have been effected by a street mugger holding a knife to your throat. Poor management of the pandemic by the government may have made it difficult for you to grieve for a loved one lost to covid.

D The putting the shoe on the other foot step.

Scribble don’t how you may have contributed to the problem yourself. Did you let the bullies put you down too much when you should have stood up to them. Is failing to report the attack to the Police a factor in why you are scared of a further attack. Were all the guidelines for covid prevention followed by yourself and the departed, were there other factors in the death of your loved on?

Now, re-read all you have written, taking time to contemplate at full. You may wish to keep the papers for further contemplation, or destroy them in  a letting go ritual.

Have a great 2022, fitter, stronger, healthier, more organised and resentment free!