Liverpool’ Rustiest New Landmark

Liverpool’ Rustiest New Landmark

What is this?

We ask from a distance

Is it a building in the process of being demolished?

Some kind of rust ridden shipping structure?

A foundation of beams constructed from rusted steel?

But no!

We get closer

It is a solid form

Not open edged

Or girder exposed

We think back

The inner ring

Newly titled: Paddington Village

Where Tocky turns city centre

New builds sprung up all around

Hotels and student accommodation

But there wasn’t a high rise there to come down

We walk closer

A stones throw from the structure

Eyes aghast


Yes, a new build

Clad in oranges and browns

Textures contrasting

To look like rust?

Novotel for the Soul?

Novotel at Paddington Village, a 17 storey, 221 bedroom hotel costing 40 million to construct. Due to open in July 2022 with a host of amenities including sleek interiors of merit.

So why did they opt for rusty coloured cladding?

Ryder architecture, the firm behind the design we emailed on Monday to clarify the motivation behind the choice of cladding. I am yet to receive a response.

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