Assemblage Art

Assemblage Art is the combination of images and discarded items to form new artwork.

The art form dates back to the curiosity cabinets of the fifteen hundreds which became popular again during the Victorian era. Picasso brought the artform into the mainstream in the early twentieth century, developed further by the Italian Arte Povera (Pour Art) movement. Today it is a commonplace process within contemporary art practice. Tracey Emin, a leading modern master, exploits the process through her installation works, MY BED in particular.

Hither, I have taken some customary objects and magazine images to create a representation of FEAR. The F is from a burned out car number plate, suggesting a potentially fatal car accident. The female image of a pirate is unusual in terms of gender, but potentially a more potent threat. To her right we have an image of a woman torn, implying that she has lost her head. Womens safety when walking alone has become a very concerning issue within the UK. This week we have seen a full life sentence with no opportunity for release given out to Wayne Couzens, the serving Police Officer who kidnapped, raped and murdered Sarah Everard in March of this year. Secondly, an arrest of a food delivery  worker has been made for the Murder of primary school teacher  Sabina Nessa  earlier in the month. Both women were innocent victims walking alone, unknown to their predators. 

The image of the mountains, high reaching and glacial, combined with the plastic spiders draw attention to the dangers of the natural world. Finally, a depiction of a woman with her face wiped out with paint. Representing the current Taliban regime in Afghanistan where women and girls are being denied education and employment, effectively being wiped out of society.

Assemblage Art: 



Allows everyone to be an artist!

Give it a go!

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