Kate Winslet: Feminist

10 reasons why we relish this leading feminist icon


Defeating the fat shaming bullies at school, being branded ‘Blubber’. Achieving great success at Stage School she was voted Head Girl. She continues to refuse to conform to Hollywood ideals of beauty and stands up to media intrusions over fluctuations of weight.


The stunning performance of Rose in the 1997 top grossing Titanic. After fighting off the favoured Gwyneth Paltrow and Claire Danes, her curves and complex women portrayal won the film countless awards. She then beat off the body shaming tabloids, then repelled further when tainted as Ballsy and Outspoken.

The Feminine Mystique


During the research period for Resolutionary Road she read The Feminine Mystique leading to an outstanding portrayal as a dissatisfied, fifties American Housewife. 


Prior to giving birth to two of her three children she was apprehensive over performing naked for sex scenes. Agreeing to take the role in Little Children to present a positive role model for women with imperfect bodies.

Role model for women with imperfect bodies


With a little help from her friends, Emma Thompson and Rachel Weisz, they formed the British Anti-cosmetic Surgery League.


A successful libel case was run by her legal team against Grazia Magazine over an article in which she was stated to have visited a dietician. Awarded £10,000 damages which she donated to an eating disorder charity.


Standing up for LGBT rights over her representation of Mary Anne in a same sex relationship for Ammonite. Extremely convincing as a legendary paleontologist who had her work continually re-appropriated by her male colleagues.

Work continually re-appropriated by her male colleagues


During the death enduring, pandemic ridden 2020 she found time to make a voice recording for a bedtime story. This was a highly successful children audio book to raise money for the Save the Children Emergency coronavirus appeal. 

Oversized clothes combined with overgrown hair


Convincing as a worn out detective in Mare of Easttown. In this she was happy to dress down, wearing oversized clothes combined with overgrown hair, at a point when we were all trying to tame our lock-down locks.


After her Emmy Award last Sunday, she acknowledged the other nominees. Followed by recognition over unity of women and how we were covering each others backs. 

We Support you Kate!

We Salute you Kate!

We are so Proud of you Kate!

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