Last of the ashes being washed out to sea

Alison’ partner Dave was lost to the first wave of covid, due to restrictions there where delays to scattering of the ashes. This poem was read before the ashes where scattered at Hilbre Island, Wirral.


Last in the flesh

Heart compress’

Life no longer bless’

My hand, impress

Davy the bus has joined you afar

A few jar’

The afterlife bar

Angels strum classical guitar

Charlie, our aged dog

Mass ailments to catalogue

Playing watchdog

Resting well worn coggs

The Puppy present

A year adjustments

Affection blandishment

His heart, your compartment

We stand shoreward

Moving forward

Love not deferred

You glorious Bastard!

Match day is back

Your team on track

I will show tact

Over yesterdays match

Pubs open as standard

Works open, but staggered

The Grove, change of guard

Your drinking backyard

Across Stanley Park

Everton’s mark

Raffa’s embark’

Goodison Park

The World cup final

66 again for a while

Limited fans, the Wembley mile

Beaten by Italy, but showed style

Few changes; the house

Lights fixed, odd fuse

Mass colour ooze

Remains a madhouse

My star

Loved from afar

Emotion: no bar

From doing my hair

To going up stair’

Your dancing with flair

Joking over a silly mare

Clothes you would wear

Love you would bare

For now, my glorious Bastard!

Alison Little

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