The Hattery Murals

The Hattery murals is a commision applied for by the artist: Alison Little, for Stockport Town Centre.

The Hattery Murals

Each mural is introduced with a famed Pankhurst purple feather. A Mother of the region who undoubtedly purchased many hats fashioned at the Stockport mills. We are then released into an array of millinery dating from its rise in the region in the sixteenth century until modern day, beyond the doleful decline.

The popular silk top hat draws parallels with the growth of the silk production in the industrial mills of the urban landscape. The Battersby Hat proffers its presence with a rare charm and a far-flung distance from the nearby filming of the former soap character of Les. The 1600’s popular trend of the Welsh Hat introduces the suggestion of felt production technique. Perched in place is the flat cap: iconic of the nineteen twenties and increasingly modern day. Floral creations commonplace in publications of Hatters Gazette in its heyday of the Forties entices us further. Pinks of Wedding and the familiarity of sequins in Underbanks pulls in the Ladies. The retro nature of the stores and art markets on view through the headscarf and the magic of the Stockport County bobble beanie. Florescencies of the bucket hat reminiscent of the gatherings of the eighties which took place in the early day of what was to become the acid house rave scene.

The backing tone simulated is of Stockport council, the greens merging into maroons at the lower section. Ideally, for production to have two sections of marine ply laser cut to the dimensions of the window arches. Work takes place in the artist studio, hand painted in acrylics then finish with a hard coating of yacht varnish. Panels to be fitted and any alteration to occur on site.

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