Fun in Acapulco: the Planter

‘Fun in Acapulco’ planter is artist: Alison Little latest commission. Bring colour, glory and a latino vibe to the streets of the UK.

‘Fun in Acapulco’ was the top grossing movie of 1963 in the US. A musical, starring Elvis as a lifeguard come hotel singer.

Presley didn’t actually travel to Mexico, a stunt double was used and filming with the star was completed in LA. The entertainer had been declared a ‘Person non grata’ by the Mexican authorities. This was due to rioting after an earlier release, his records had been banned from Mexican airwaves and publicly burnt in El Zocalo town square.

The planter delights in the film, replicating the billing poster. Lilies finish off the piece, blooming in full delight.

Commissions start at £80

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