Covid-Chog is a a collection of images and free flow text created by Alison in response to the easing of lockdown.


Lockdown easing

Release from restrictions

Legal infringements lapse

Time splintered

A year more

Displaced to Covid

Relinquished from cosmos

Alien tempo

Coronavirus stormed

Social unrest of olden

House robber proclaimed

Billboards void of adverts

Remnants, crockery imploded

Domestic violence rocketed

Family bubbles of isolation

Two posts, even stance

Man and Wife

Cease of homeschooling

Social bonds bolster

Door key located for repicking

Comradery, the pandemic

Seasons wavering

Dandelions relinquish

Toward summer

Shadow’ vivid

Pre covid prosperity

The past?

The Covid-Chog dominates

Ready for rebound



Clock/anti wise

The young

Virus spreading amore?

Vaccines Safeguard

Variants escalate

Those Lost

Can never return

The same again


We quest

Bars, restaurants, venues



Art Galleries

Regular jobs

School exam progress

Uni lecture theatres

Zoom a tool,

Not the rule

Access to the elderly

Regular visits

End of the face mask

PPI in the past

The new Normal 

The Future 

The Forevermore

Alison Little

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