A Jaunt

A Jaunt is a photo journey taken by Alison during the second peak of the pandemic through the Everton area of Liverpool. The freeflow text responds to the images taken and the reality of living in lockdown.

Umbrella, upturned, scattered

Sheltering potential rendered void

Chalk markings, gym class

Taken outside

Covid safe arena

Pallets, scattered cans

Makeshift baroom of lockdown

Outlet of the Victorian era 

Stands strong

Water prevails no more

Face, accidentally appears

Eyes arched

Serious, the pandemic surrounds

Memorial flowers

Benched, overlooking the city

Secured, black mask of protection

Possibly a play wig?

Sheepskin bouffant

Tool of homeschooling?

Soil upturned

Bikes of youth

Schools shutdown

Turf wars of old

Couplet of coned stand together

Man prominent, women reduced

A bubble in unison

Workman digs upward

Altered direction


A jaunt through Everton

Journey stained by Covid

Fever pitched




Alison Little

3 thoughts on “A Jaunt

  1. An amazing comment in images and words relating what the world has gone, and is going through, during this pandemic. Well done! Thanks for visiting and following my blog.


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