Tittle-Tattle is the latest feminist artwork from the conceptual artist: Alison Little. For this works, she utilises a common-place domestic rolling pin and carved a series of comments which reflect on how women judge other women on their domestic abilities. ‘Tittle-Tattle’ refers to the gossipy nature of females, those that blither over abilities to carry out household chores.

Some comments are written in hand-writing style fonts to reflect dialogue, others are statements and present bold fonts. We look towards the subject of ‘Blinds’ one area where women frequently judge others on how clean their blinds are on passing other properties. The competitive nature of women and cleanliness, the women’s league table of cleanliness, when they grade others on how clean there home is in comparison to their own. We look toward other domestic matters, ‘Your Iron’ being a dialect projecting a gossip like a statement implying it is dirty and unusable. Moving onto the mater of cooking, an area where women strive to be superior to others. The statement, ‘A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,’ implying that the only purpose of female existence is to please men and through homemaking. 

Homeownership is introduced, how in Britain this deemed vital to status. Addressing the way women feel able to discriminate openly over property ownership in matters when collateral is not a factor. Apply for simple bank accounts, places at nursery schools and memberships to associations. This develops further into comparisons of what areas other reside in and if their homes were once local authority owned. Property ownership in term of scale being used to measure a woman’s status as opposed to more vital factors. We try to address how in some area’s of the country, the capital in particular women are frequently excluded from property ownership through escalating costs even when earning a good salary. Address issues when they may have needed financial assistance, a springboard mortgage or my be bring up dependants and the single earner. They may make major contributions to society by earn very little that could be measured through homeownership, perhaps they work within the charity sector, creative industries or as a Minister.

How women present themself and ways in which they find to determine they are aesthetically superior to others. Designer brand clothes, hair set weekly, frequent use of nail bars and endless spa treatments. The over-use of systems of vanity which make them inferior to others.

Tittle-Tattle looks to challenge these attitudes and for women to be judgement-free within the domain of the home.

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