Out with the Kar-TRASH-ians

Early autumn we got the good news, after series twenty ‘The Kardashians’ will finally be going off air.

A show I have never watched and actively cringed when I hear a radio DJ mention the ‘K’ word on air. Flipped the page straight over after viewing the ‘Kard’ in a magazine headline. In terms of news print about the central character: Kim Kardashian, the only productive use I could find was as substitute toilet roll during the stockpiling shortages of the pandemic.

One question I would delight in Kim asking:

Does my mind look small in this show?

A TV show which bring the lives of the wealthy, but incredably trashy, family to the flat screen.

So, in ignorance of the show, I set myself the endurance task of watching the pilot episode released well over decade ago.

And what did I find?

First off, an extended collection of catty girls who refer to their ‘Asses’ frequently. Further talk of ‘Sagging Tits’ as they perform poised struts while terming each other ‘Whores’. Not to mention, pole dancing! The pole itself being a gift from Kim to her parents for their anniversary. Kim and Co, happy to applaud as the pre-teen youngest girls of the family perform overtly sexual moves on the ‘Gift’. Only stopping by their father, a former Olympian who goes to have a sex change. Should we be supporting the former him, now her from a transsexual rights point of view? Or is it just another overtly public Kardashian stunt?

However, he is not in fact Kim’ biological father, so where did her mindless genes surface from? Her real father was in fact: Robert Kardashian, the defence lawyer for OJ Simpson of the famed trial of the nineties. Could Kim have inherited an anti-feminist
genetic make-up?

Another question which appears to be continually broadcast:

What does Kim Kardashian actually do?

She was initially an assistant for Paris Hilton, then a stylist for Brandy Norwood, finishing of with a stint as Lindsay Lohan’ shopper.

And Now?

She has a high end Fashion Boutique which she considers a place to ‘Catch-up’ on gossip and comtemplate ‘Star signs’.

Not forgetting the sex tapes…The sex tapes she made with a long term boyfriend …..
simply for private use…. which then went public….

Simply, famous for being famous, collection of contrived ‘K’s’ that litter our TV viewing.

Do I have anything else to say?

‘Yes Kim, your mind does look small in this show!

Alison Little

3 thoughts on “Out with the Kar-TRASH-ians

  1. (I feel as though I need to reread your art post with the rolling pin!)
    The brouhaha aside, her story is of a young girl who was a fashion stylist, opened four boutiques with her sisters and then after a good few children (don’t follow them so no idea) she retrains in law with a specialism in human rights

    I think that shows real ambition. I may not like how she achieves it but I’m all for female entrepreneurs


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