Minted, an exploration of Capitalism is the latest artworks from Liverpool based artist: Alison Little.

‘Minted’ stretches across the painting, reflecting wealth through the Scouse colloquialism. However, it is neither promotional of defamatory, objective towards the acquisition of wealth.

The concept of the painting was conceived BC (Before Covid), it was worked on during the pandemic and completed during late August which was being proclaimed as AC (After Covid). Now being exhibited in what can only be considered MC (Mid Covid) due to the escalating rise of cases defining a second peak of the virus. In context, the works can be considered more potent during the contemporary climate of mass unemployment and unprecedented economic decline, in the UK and Globally.

The painting presents maximism of the most extreme, highly patterned, a tactile variation of texture and a mass of colour. The background manipulates acrylic pouring techniques, suggesting that the text has been ‘Slam dunked’ into position. The range of purples, a regal infusion, combined with the Gothic font to imply Royalty. Currently, the Queen’ estates (UK) have lost over 35 million as a result of reduced tourism from coronavirus. The golds of ‘Minted’ have scrapped with black acrylic, perhaps implying ‘Dirty money’. The letters are almost camouflaged within the visual plane, akin to wild animal fur, suggesting revenue and opulence.

Ground-breaking, contemporary work brought to us from a leading North-West based artist.

Acrylic on mixed media panel
80×80 cm

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2020 came in
A new year
So far away
China struggling
An extended gap

10 thousand die of flu
Remember SARS
Didn’t materialise
Figures suggest 20 thousand deaths
Early Feb, quarantine measures
We were told
Must take it as part of the heard
Face masks: no use

It got real
Italy hit
Schools, universities, everywhere
Hospitals couldn’t cope
Elderly made comfortable as they die
Spain then followed
The USA: invaded

The UK next
Death tolls rising
Schools shut
Pubs, shops close
Extended queues at supermarkets
The Epidemic was real

Dirt lined mouth
Covid shell coating
Fever starts
Shaking, sweating
Side to side
What day is it?
The time, light or dark?
Able to walk
So So tired
Got through fever
Cannot eat
Cannot sleep
Can only drink
Mouth, toxic taste
Stomach rocketing
Green sick
Bits of bile
Knife blades cut stomach
All food, straight through
Lack Focus
Half listen music
Isolate from news
Off Facebook
Face smashed: brick wall
Coming too
Mind first
Body second
toxic taste remains
Brush teeth
Scape off Covid layer
Wash hair
Shave legs
Go outside
Sun rays
Morning stomach crunches
Enjoy meals
Crunches go
Toxic taste departs
Covid free
Live again

Every newsflash: a death count
UK the epicentre
Pandemic at height
Funerals attended
Numbers rise further
20 thousand deaths predicted passed
40 thousand deaths passed

Normality begins to return
Face mask rules introduced
Shops begin the re-open
Café’s serve outside
Pubs re-open
Long summer of rain
Nation is recovering

The schools return
All back to work
Furlough ends
Testing systems introduced

All again
Infections rise
Death toll increases
No tests available
Covid rages
Nation under threat
Covid takes us prisoner….

Alison Little