Masks: Why now?


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Today marked the mandatory rule for face coverings to be worn in all retailers or the possibility of a £100 fine in the UK. Yet, why now, we must question, at the height of the pandemic we were free to shop without the insistence of masks?

At the start of lock down, we were clearly informed that face and mouth coverings were non-essential. Calls of ‘No use’ dominated the news waves and how the virus could be easily caught through the eyes, repeatedly, put forward. Information for the World Health Organisation (WHO) was misleading, the Ministry of Health providing ‘Miss Information’. The Government is accountable for mixed messaged which resulted in only 35% of us wearing face masks before today’s current legislation was introduced.

From this day, 24th July, they are deemed compulsory in shops and enclosed indoor spaces. They are to be worn to order take-out, but not the eat-in in cafes. Pubs, barbers and hairdressers are also exempt from mandatory mask-wearing. The reasoning behind this: the government now state that face coverings are effective in halting the spread of the virus. Infection rates for retail workers have been significantly higher than average. The reasoning behind the change in direction: claims of a better understanding of the virus.

Mandatory or Madness.
Masks mounted on our mouths.
Maybe: mandatory in March!

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Mask embroidery Alison Little

Modeled by herself

5 thoughts on “Masks: Why now?

  1. I think there has been an increased understanding that the masks make a difference, but the rules in England are so contradictory that you have to wonder (or at least I do) what they were drinking when they drew them up.


  2. In March they didn’t have enough surgical masks for everyone. And let’s face it, the virus is still new. They’re still learning how it spreads and all. The thing is that even surgical masks are not 100% foolproof, so any kind of face covering – a scarf, fabric masks – would have been better than nothing. They should have insisted on that. But they were afraid people would want surgical masks to protect themselves and at that point (at least that was the situation here) they didn’t have enough masks for medical staff. And no worries, masks weren’t mandatory in March here either. But they are now.


  3. I am in Ontario and most places masks are mandatory indoors. This includes hairdressers and barbers. To eat on a patio restaurant you should be wearing a mask to line up and to come in but obviously not for eating! The message changed over time for us as well. First masks not essential and now necessary. I think that since this is a totally new virus we will be in a learning situation in an on going basis. We will learn more and advice may change. But I heard that in England,on July 24, a man walked along a well known London shopping street wearing only a mask. YUP! Nothing but a mask cleverly attached to his man bits.🤣


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