Eco-Warriorhood?…. Eco-Realist?

carbon footprint

10 Easy ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint

So, now, we’re all supposed to bin our cars, freezers, become vegan, stop drinking softies from plastic bottles and never holiday abroad to save the planet!

But is this realistic?

10 Easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint with having to become the Patron Saint of Eco-Warriorhood.

  1. If you are cooking in a small pot use the smallest ring on the hob. Using a larger gas ring simply mean most of the fuel is wasted and the food doesn’t actually heat any faster. Easy and instant, no effort required.
  2. When you rip a label of a tin can, add that to the recycling in addition to the main item. It doesn’t look like much but it is silly to send to landfill when it can be re-consumed.
  3. If you are getting taking out and there is a choice a plastic bottled drink or a paper cup option, take the paper choice. Even if there isn’t a recycling point and you have to throw it in a standard bin it will decompose in under 4 weeks in landfill. Subway are great for this option, as are many other sandwich bars and food retailers.
  4. So it’s no more burgers because of the methane cows produce, space taking to farm and the food chain process. But you like the odd burger, and your 3 sons love burgers and you really don’t want to give them up? Do it the best way possible, if you have burgers twice a week, reduce to once. Buy, fresh, consume that day instead of freezing. Choose a source which is farmed near you to reduce carbon in transportation. If possible make a trip to a local butchers or independent trader as their will be other environmental benefits of using local business.

Burgers back on the menu!

  1. Introduce a meat free main meal to your weekly eating plans. Try new dishes and foods which you may have previously avoided. Lavish veggie curries, vast seed selections, the charm of rich cheeses and nuts of notability. Make the veggie day the one where you enjoy following new recipes and pull out all culinary the stop.
  2. Have a freezer free day, preferable directly after a big supermarket shop. Try to buy fresh vegetable and make roast potato from scratch. It doesn’t mean you can’t have a bag of sweetcorn or pea’s in your freezer, just be less relent on the ice box and reduce it’s usage.
  3. If you are planning a trip into town with the kids, or an adult meal in a county pub at the weekend, consider walking as part of the activity. Is there a good canal or river route, are there view across the region worth taking in?Consider cycling to work once a month, it may be too far to do daily, but it could be worked into a four-weekly routine? Could you walk or cycle shorter journeys and when you take off parking time does it take much longer?
  4. Plan holidays in the UK on a yearly basis, then only look at flights to exotic destinations on special anniversaries. Camping is a great holiday with environmental credentials, reduction of energy consumption and taking full advantage of the great outdoors.
  5. Give and buy clothes to and from charity shops. Okay, we are not talking underwear or swimwear, if your still unsure about the pre-worn try bags and outer coats first. This is a great, green incentive, no need to recycle the fabric every-thing is re-used directly.
  6. One final Woof, value the dog! What man’ best friend does is provides us with constant opportunities for long energy use free walks, the eager consumption of any table scraps in addition to hours of carbon free entertainment.

Implement Immediately!

Then expand with the area’s that work with your lifestyle. Enjoying the veggie cooking and exploring new plant life? Add a second night. Bike action got you going? Cycle to work once a week instead of monthly.

Small steps making a big difference!

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