Global Citizen

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Global Citizen is an artist proposal for the Festival of Manchester to occur in Platt Fields worked on by Alison Little.

Global Citizen

Highly coloured shredded paper is to take over Platt Fields. Gigantic 2 meter tall spheres are to be created reflecting how Mancunians are Global citizen. Inviting interaction, visitors will be able to touch and pull, tear and detach the array of strips.

Spherical forms to be created again with shredded paper but structural elements which show awareness of external conditions. A playscape where piles can be interacted with; an eco snowball fight like arena.

The full-colour spectrum to be applied throughout the site; from blue to green, to yellow, to orange, finishing off with red. The visual impact of the colour change present, but the potential for colours to be mixed by those exploring the installation.

The intention is for the artist to be present throughout the festival, developing the colour formations throughout the period. The paper shredding process to be done on site before the festival begins.

Global Citizen uses the global shaped sphere to draw attention to immigration which has thrived in the city, a true Metropolis. The intertwining of the shreds represent how communities work together and show strength in time of turmoil, the 2017 terror attack being the most recent. Equally, to promote green credentials through the use of paper. Identifying with issues around climate change and environmental conditioning. Some off the paper will inevitably blow away from the installation, potentially recycled paper and water-based paints to be used to speed up decomposition, 2-6 weeks. Clean up will comprise of removal of all paper and transported to the local recycling plant.

An installation which will excite, reflect the Global status of the city and encourage environmental sustainability.

Working on numerous public art commissions in the North West, the UK and Western Europe. For the Capital of Culture celebrations in Liverpool, she gained two commissions for Super Lambanana to be sited in the colossal Public Arts Trail which was to overtake Liverpool for the celebrations. Her more recent public art commissions are to include work for Kirby Town centre regeneration where she brought the Vikings back to the North West, strong graphical techniques were used for her most recent mural for East Street Arts new location in Garston.

She looks to combine her creative practice, often illustrating her writing or taking a similar issue as the focal point for the works. Rape, mental health, impotence and feminist issues are often explored through the forming of sculptural pieces using shredded paper and the writing of accompanying flash fiction, poetry and short stories. Forms are often displayed using piles of brightly coloured shredded paper throughout various installations. In this, she combines her personal experience of the subject matter, intensive fact-based research examining different philosophies and scientific predictions, the final outcome being predominantly sculpture and conceptual photography with different writing scripture. A challenging method of working creating a vast array of outcomes.

An artist, a writer and a creative explorer.

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