Eventually you will value my work

My processing skills

Question my abilities no longer

Not expect the impossible

Ensure you listen well


I am your well worked liver

For you I process liquid

On every level

Rendering toxins redundant

Crushing their harm potential

Filtering fluids through U bends

Passing them internally

The bodies journeys long


Insulting me as chemicals cleanse

Chaotic phases, varying months

Questions over your intoxication

Under the weather, you claim




No-one looking out

Blind drunk

In a state

Wrinkling my outer shell

Medication inevitable, one day


Give me joy!

More fruit juice please

Vimto not Vino

Pause, think health

Mineral increases


God, I must rest

Not full throttle

Ease off

Last a lifetime


Alison Little

Jehovah was a poem composed by Alison Little as part of National Writing Day and the Avron 5 day challenge.

More about Avron

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