Multitude of Colour: The Liverpool Plinth


Split decision

Multitudes of colours rise up on the Liverpool plinth with Split Decision, the city’s latest public art sculpture.

Split decision is the much-anticipated form to take its place on the Liverpool plinth. Just under five meters in height the multi coloured abstraction of the human form draws attention to the anguish those suffering from depression struggle with when being forced to make decisions. The Egyptian born, Yorkshire based sculptor Sam Shendi states his intentions through the works:

‘Give hope to those going through hard times.’

The desire is not only to decorate our vision, but equally to enhance the quality of life of those struggling with mental health.

Many of Sam Shendi’ works can be considered quite sexual in the shapes in which he creates. Works such as ‘Mademoiselle’ suggest movement through its organic nature, but equally metamorphic in the way the structure looks to push inward. Other creations are very animated, ‘Bloomed’ in particular, indicating a rising motion, springing out through re-growth. Parallels can be drawn with the leading, internationally renowned sculptor: Louise Bourgeois, notably, ‘Backbiter’ implying a more sadistic side to sexual intercourse.’

The Liverpool Plinth is sited outside Liverpool Parish Church, often known as St Nicks. Located on Liverpool’ iconic waterfront it is a much sort after location for contemporary artworks. Set up to rival London and Trafalgar Squares forth plinth, Split Decision is the second sculpture to be sited there since the removal of Brian Burgess’ Christ on a Donkey.

Split Decision will be in place for the next twelve months and if nothing else it certainly brightens up our day.

More about Sam Shendi



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