Women: Breasts + Feeling Uncomfortable


The top 5 reasons why women’s breasts make you wince, avert the eyes and wish you weren’t present.

too big
5 They are just a bit too big and the top is just a bit too small. When you can see more of them than its comfortable looking towards.












4 In work or training situations when making notes. You are Biro clad, scribbling onto a clipboard and your eyes wander into a fully exposed cleavage. Wrong place, wrong time for that kind of thing.










3 When their looks to be uncomfortable piercings, you cringe at the thought of the skin being broken and pulled adversely around the bosom area.












2 You see a girl in her mid-teens with simply too much cleavage on show. Skin crawls as grown men check out the pubescent credentials laid out for all to view.
















1 When they are being used as weapons of objectification, the bosom comes forth ahead of the body. They are jostled and re-arranged directly into your face, the unpleasantries pulled up to display how much more superior they are to yours and everyone else’s.

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