Helping your Child learn English

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‘Help your child learn English’ is an article written by Alison Little for a third sector Organisation based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Helping your child Learn English

The single most important factor in your children mastering English will be your interest in their learning and the encouragement they can provide. First, you need to learn English to high-level yourselves and ideally speak the language of your new country within the home.

Younger children will benefit from playing games while using English to communicate. Reading illustrated story books in English will bring delight to the bedtime routine. Audio Books are great if you are less confident about reading out loud, these are available free to hire from your local library.

Tongue twisters are great for language development, try:

‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream’

on a fine summers day in Vale Park.

For older children, when cooking together tray following a recipe with instructions in English. Make sure the instructions on Wii or PlayStation games consoles are set to English. Ask English speaking friends over and encourage them to join clubs where they will make more friends.

Apps to help to learn English are widely available and easy to download to your phone. Take a look at:




All are fun, free and can be set to the correct level for your child.

1-2-1 language tuition can be a great way of making progress in the art of reading and writing English. ‘Sign up to English lessons Live’ also organise individual lessons through Skype, the first 25 minute lesson is free.

There are also plenty of online courses to help them excel in the new language;

Future Learn


The BBC also offers resources and course for those looking to learn English, ideal for a variety of ages and levels.

Chris Polatch and Susan Bullock are the two main English tuition tutors within Aylesbury. The youth space section of the Buckinghamshire County Council website is a great resource for finding more information on local children’s social clubs. The ‘Dead Universe Comics’ junior club is great for reinforcing language development with illustrated sources. A great scheme to consider is the gardening project ran by Aylesbury Youth Action, though this the young people help older residents with gardening jobs they are unable to do themselves. Mature members of the community are often keen to engage in conversations with the younger generation, a great way of progressing speaking skills further.

Most of all don’t worry if your child seams behind at school, a multi-lingual child will soon catch up.

3 thoughts on “Helping your Child learn English

  1. Learning in and of itself is good. To learn another language is to open up to a whole other culture and way of being. Thank you for the follow of my blog – appreciate it. Wish you joy in writing


  2. I love this post!!! I think knowing how to articulate yourself where the world could understand you I think is freedom!!!

    I love this one “‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream’”

    Great post!


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