Casual Sex: Right or Wrong?

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So when is casual sex right? When you are living the high life, you are young free and single, you are not looking for a long term relationship. When you are only planning on staying somewhere for a limited period, a short-term placement or simply a holiday fling. You are career focussed, committed relationships take time and have to be worked at, other things must come first. Life is all about clubs, mates and short term shack-ups.

Yes the above, then why not.

So when is it wrong?

When you find it difficult to turn a man down, feel obliged to have sex with them because they have paid for a meal or taxi and that will be what they expect from yourself. It’s wrong if you feel this way yourself or a man makes you feel this way through his language and actions. More so when you are had too much to drink, or high from party drugs such as ecstasy. Can you really be fully consenting to intercourse if you mind is in an altered state?

When you are insecure and feel better when you have sexual attention from a man, even if only for a short period. If you lack the power to cope with emotional associated with inadequacy from childhood. Girls that were victims of childhood sexual abuse, women that have been raped, of those who have suffered both often become promiscuous as a response to what they have suffered. A form of defiance from a traumatic sexual experience, they will live an unrestricted reproductive lifestyle and ignore the moral guidance which surrounds us all.

In a long term relationship and both have shown a commitment and love towards each other. Sleeping with another man is clearly wrong in these circumstances. Equally when you are in a boomerang style open relationship: he has sex with other girls, you have sex with other men to hurt one another. These are negative relationships which will make both of you unhappy in the long term. To forget an ex-partner, sleeping with numerous almost faceless men to dis-remember there once sole lover brings no joy to life.

A biological menstrual abnormality often leads to casual sex. All the other girls are doing their best not to get pregnant, at the back of your mind you have a fear that you will never be able to conceive and have a family.

Simply too much of a lad rather than a lady: all your brothers went home with as many different girls as possible, so do most of your male friends, so you must do the same. As many notches on your bed post as your male counterparts to the extreme.

Other than that we have the more serious extremes of being a sex addict or severe bipolar.

So now is time to ask: Have I been doing any of the above, is it myself who is making a mistake, not because it’s what society dictates but because you are making yourself unhappy?

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