‘Fatigue’ is the third piece in the animated sculpture series SV: Sex by Violence,  introduces the physical consequences of violation: extreme tiredness and the bodies need to sleep as part of the recovery process.

The pink tones show the pain which is still present around the groin area, the central thoughts of the rape survivor are still the sex attack which she has faced. Although the pubic hair is still rough there are some minuscule leaves growing through indicating new life and the beginning of the recovery process. The pinks feed through into more natural tones in this we have feathers intersected. This implies pillows and the concept of sleep. The final stones are located in the feet showing her still to be weighed down emotionally from the attack.

The need for excessive amounts of sleep after a sex attack is commonplace. It allows the body time to recover and become strong again. However, sleep is also a time where unpleasant flash backs of the attack may occur. Re-occurring visions of the attacker and the location of the assault are ever present in the initial periods of heavy sleep. Slumber is also a time for contemplation and the unpleasant thoughts of self-blame, the feeling of being unclean and dirty, ongoing fears and anxieties.

Fatigue is a piece which truly reflects the tiredness and sleep process that occur after a sex attack.

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