Coming Too

Coming too

Explicit content to be expected

‘Coming Too’ is the second of the animated sculpture series SV: Sex by Violence. The form highlights the process of the woman recovering from clinical shock as a result of a sex attack. The blue tones worked through the form illustrates the concept of water flowing through her body. The zigzag which waves through the body as the brain re-engages with the bodily muscles.

The pink tones around the groin indicate the notion of pain from the sex attack, but also the concept of blood flowing through the veins, ligaments which are alive and well. Abrasive material used for the public hair is repetitive of ‘Invasion’, a rough texture which tries to prevent the intrusion of the female form.

The grey tones of shredded paper towards the ankles indicate the legs are still weighed down. Located in the feet, the stones show the victim is still heavy and unable to move and physically leave the location.

Feed through clear polythene we have blue tones through the main bulk of the limbs, indicating the concept of water flowing through the veins. Combined with the way in which the legs are positioned expose us to the concept of the body coming out of clinical shock. The feeling of water zigzagging through the human form as the brain and the muscles of the body work in partnership with each other again. In clinical terms shock is when you do not have enough blood circulating around the body. A drop in blood pressure reduces the flow of oxygen and nutrients to a persons vital organs: the brain, heart and lungs. Shock in this sense is a response to a traumatic experience and common in rape cases.

‘Coming Too’ is a graphic depiction of the process of clinical shock but to a degree also a positive illustration of human endeavour to survive.

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