SV: Sex by Violence shreds its way through zauhause gallery


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SV: Sex by Violence, shreds its way through zauhause gallery

SV: Sex by Violence, the truth behind the trauma is a solo exhibition brought to us by Liverpool based, feminist artist: Alison Little. An array of shredded colours made an entrance at the first floor, Gostins based zauhause gallery on Monday morning.

We have a visually stunning exhibition and equally colourful transformation of white contemporary art space. The lead into the gallery presents the name of the exhibition etched to the entrance, echoed on the rear wall, we are reminded of the important issue of the show: sexual violence. We are then taken to the rear of the gallery, the first three exhibits being floor-based, female lower limbs located on birds nest like piles of green shredded paper. Our vision finished off with the final plinth based form.

The exhibition comprises of a series of 4 animated sculptures entitled SV, Sex by Violence. The works are a graphic depiction of the act of a woman being raped, each form representing a different stage in the process from the initial act to the recovery. All forms replicate a woman’s lower body and legs, each is made from polythene and shredded paper combined with found object. ‘Invasion’ is the first of the works and represents an interpretation of a woman being violated, The nail which protrudes the groin area represent the woman muscles fighting against the undesired penetration of her body. They rust and spiral out and are complimented by the through wire wool of the pubic hair. ‘Invasion’ is the most traumatic piece in the collection, the body being forced in a way it does not desire. ‘Coming Too’ highlights the process of the woman recovering from clinical shock as a result of the sex attack. The blue tones worked through the form illustrates the concept of water flowing through her body. The zigzag which waves through the body as the brain re-engages with the bodily muscles. The knees are bent upright and we present the physical process of recovering from shock. ‘Fatigue’ introduces the physical consequences of violation: extreme tiredness and the bodies need to sleep as part of the recovery process. She is stretched out into a sleeping position and we can see small leaves growing through her pubic hair, the start of the recovery process. ‘Life from the Waist Down’ illustrates the more developed stages of the recovery process, the body and the mind are becoming strong again, the form is upright and healthy.

Alison Little, the artist behind the forms, she has been North -West based for the last decade and worked on commissions from the Superlambanana trail to the Penguins. Her conceptual work began to move forward several years ago being exhibited at the Williamson Gallery, Unit 51 in the Baltic Triangle in addition to a commission completed for the equality council in Derby. This is the second show she has Curated, the first ‘Shatter the Silence, Violence against Women’, a group show being held at the Quaker Meeting House in School Lane, Liverpool City City. Alison helps Organise the Reclaim the Night March held in spring in Liverpool annually. The intentions behind the exhibition as a means of activism against sexual violence and to play its role in her campaign work.

An exhibition which brings the terrors of a sex attack to the minds of its viewers, shocking, but equally stunning in parallel.

A must see, one week only.

Tuesday 04.07.17- Saturday 08.07.17

10-4 pm

zauhause Exhibition Space

1st Floor, Gostins Shopping Arcade, 31 Hanover St, Liverpool City Centre


Private View to be held on:

Thursday 06.07.17


Refreshments available

To book:

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