She sits chin neatly poised into a lightly clasped hand. Mouth slightly ajar, almost ready to take on a soft melody. Eyes looking through small rounded glasses into a place far away into her thoughts. Skin soft and smooth to touch, hair short and curly, wild but angelic in its freestyle.

As her mind moves from the thought she was engaged in she decides to smoke a cigarette. After rolling her own, she lights up and inhales. Head lost in thought again, this time she looks slightly down with her gaze. In juxtaposition, her cigarette is held high as it progresses to burn its way down to the self-formed filter. She plots her next move through the lenses of the lenses of the tiny rimmed milk-bottle spectacles.

In this she stands up, tall but slender in build. Her boots are brown swede brandishing an assortment of decorative buckles. Jeans are flared, topped off with a tiny t-shirt encasing her firm but small breasts with the trendy no-bra look of the era. The look finished off with a tight fitted, low set matching denim jacket making her appear almost taller than her physical height. In her action, she holds up her right hand, clasps in her two smaller fingers and her thumb, then spreads open the larger fingers to give us the Peace Symbol.

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