War on Sexism

Bethany Davies is one of the Liverpool art scene’s brightest new talents. The feminist artist uses her creative direction to draw attention to the misogyny, patriarchy and degradation of women is STILL an issue in society. Currently, on a printing internship at Hope Uni’s creative campus, she has no plans to stop creating now she has graduated. ‘Daily Sexism’ is a series of comic style illustrations where she presents a feminist perspective on chauvinism every present in society:

The still images are a snapshot from stories that people sent to me via facebook, I used still imagery as I wanted to display the use of social media and how a snapshot can portray many different views. I used pencil and paper at first, I liked the way they looked really simple and innocent but I wanted to digitalise the illustrations to link them with how I gathered the stories. I scanned the illustrations into the computer then went over the lines in photoshop. I wanted to keep the raw childlike drawings with linear qualities to create a juxtaposition with the theme of my work. I displayed my work at my final degree show in a small space, I used a dark room, a flat screen television, headphones and one chair. I wanted the view to feel very connected to the stories, to feel the emotion and horror.

-Bethany Davis

So as Donald Trump was completing the last of the campaigns to be elected as President of the United States last summer Bethany Davies was editing ‘Daily sexism’ for her Fine Arts degree final piece. As Trump screws up government policy on female equality, the animation reminds us women must stand against female oppression.

The use of social media to gather anecdotes about female oppression has been key to the success of the final animation. Facebook turned thirteen last month as it has changed the way we all communicate forever and in this case for the better. It has allowed Davis to gather a varied range of accounts of female suppression through a not-intrusive social networking tool. In the final viewing, she has matched narratives with varied regional accents and numerous visual illustrations.

The collection of illustrations covers a range of issues from groping to excessive use of alcohol. We look at women’s bodies being exploited with ease of digital photograpghy and are subjected to street harassment. We are introduced to over controlling men and abusive relationships. Finally, the underlying issues of social inequality are addressed by the sexual innuendo given by the Police Officer. The raw mark making techniques of scratching the lines onto the surface are used to convey the emotion felt by the characters being animated.

A strong new feminist artist looking to take the Liverpool art scene by the horns as she taken on the bigotry which oppresses the women of this city.

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