Got a Salmon (On Prawn)

Blue coat

can image

Sarah Locus 1994 Got a Salmon (on Prawn) is currently being exhibited at Liverpool’ Bluecoat Gallery from the 9th April to the 19th of June for the Double Act: Art and Comedy exhibition. This exhibition explored humour through the visual arts looking at the way a funny experience can also be cruel and hateful. Sarah Locus is one of the more prominent members of the movement title YBA: Young British Artists which can to prominence at the end of the Nineties. The group includes other members such as Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst, many of whom studies at Goldsmiths college during the later years of the twentieth Century. Locus explores sexual stereotyping through the use of ready-made objects and often food as a medium. In ‘Got a salmon (On Prawn)’ we are presented with nine sequenced based photographic prints, Cibachrome on paper displayed on aluminium panels. A male only represented by his torso takes us through the different stages of an erect penis: the initial blood rush through to the ejaculation to the relaxing after the process. The penis is portrayed by a can of larger, the scrotum area being hidden in the representation by the can. The use of the can of larger explores stereotypical masculine vernacular and 90’s lad culture of the decade in which it was created. A triumph in an exhibition which will make you laugh and cry simultaneously.

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