Brainscape, an exhibition piece for World Mental Health Day 2015, exhibition held at Unit 52, Baltic Triangle Liverpool:

”Through her creative practice Alison deals with the subject of sexual violence, disability and marginalised sections of society on a regular basis. Her most recent exhibition piece ‘Bipolar B’ exhibited for World mental Health Day at the Williamson Gallery, Birkenhead. ‘Bipolar B’ is a vision of a female sufferer of Bipolar, its prime concern is to address Hyper-sexuality in sufferers. Words are printed on to the shredded paper which highlights different elements of the illness looking at everything from illicit drugs to prescribed medication, manic depression to elation.’ The creation of ‘Bipolar B’ lead to a greater understanding of Bipolar in terms of my own knowledge base and is intended to help improve understanding of the disorder within those who view the form. Personal experience of meeting and working with sufferers of Bipolar was informed further by the reading of autobiographical works such as David Lovelace’ ‘Full Blown: Me and My Bipolar Family’. Filling the form with shredded paper with terms associated with Bipolar was a creative process of greater artistic merit than the final outcome. ‘Bipolar B’ relates strongly to other works created by Alison, the Attack in particular. ‘Tossed’ the first in the series was exhibited at Embrace Arts in Leicester in January- March of last year. The Artist intended to create other works dealing with issue around mental health and traumatic situations in particular. Will be exhibiting a piece around physical disability in Derby later in 2015.

For World Mental Health Day she would like to Propose her latest work: Brainscape. This comprises of a free standing large head form (1×0.75×0.5meter) made from polythene sheeting and shredded paper with relevant printed terminology. Leaves have been added to the form to signify grow and health improvements. The form is filled with statements around the theme of dignity in Mental Health: barriers broken down, not a personal failure, stop exclusion, help, disorder, empowerment, participation, psychiatric disabilities, freedom of choice, not force fed, dignity and rights, stigma. The form can be floor or plinth based.”

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