Tracey Emin and Unreported Rape

The new Black

Extract from the book I am writing looking at how being part of a minority grouping was a factor in the sexual assault Tracey Emin suffered at the age of thirteen was not being reported to the Police by herself or her Mother.


”The figure’s for non reporting of rape crime is greater when the victims are from of minority groups or of low economic status. Emin’ mother was of Romanichal descent, her Great Grandfather on her Fathers side was a Sudanese slave of the Ottoman Empire. Her father was of Turkish-Cypriot origin and was in fact married with another family at the same time as his relationship with Emin’ mother. In reality both Emin and her twin brother were born out of Wedlock and could not be considered anything other than socially excluded from mainstream society in sixties Britain. In her 2002 work ‘The New Black’ Emin explored the racial tension she felt growing up in London and later Margate. The appliqué blanket identifies the year as 1963, the year of Emin’ birth. It includes slogan such as ‘They said Niger Lover’ which would relate to Emin’ Mothers relationship with a mixed race Turkish Man. Other Terms such as WOG and the satirical ‘But this is England Darling’ relate to the families status as racial outsiders. Although they had owned the ‘Hotel International’ for a period when Emin was young this was not a grand hotel, it was in fact more of a Bed and Breakfast in the summer and catered for long term unemployed needing accommodation in the winter months. ‘Hotel International’ was actually repossessed and when her Father left, their mother moving the small family into an outbuilding where they were effectively squatting for many years.”



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